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Found 82 results

  1. Hi all, Since a while I have a real annoying problem with my 95 R33 gtst. It has a pretty much stock rb25det in it, stock ecu, steel turbo, fmic and a hks ssqv blowoff. My problem is that when I kick my clutch to stop for a stoplight or sth, my rpm drops down and doesn't catch it in the idle, it just drops further and dies. Weird thing is, the problem mostly starts when the engine is warm. When I just drive and kick in the clutch, no matter from what rpm it just stalls. When I have been boosting (somewhere in the trip) and I let the engine drop to idle rpm, in gear, and then kick the clutch it will (most of the times) still die. Or it will sometimes drop to 100-200rpm and then tries to get it back to idle but starts bouncing like a mofo. Sometimes when I haven't been boosting all the time (like, literally no boost at all) it will catch it to idle when I drop the rpm in gear and kick the clutch. (except when kicking clutch from higher rpms 2500+ rpm) I thought it was maybe a problem of the bov but I'm not that sure anymore.. It's also kinda hard to explain the problem. Anyone knows what it could be???
  2. Looking for a stock bov, in as good condition as possible. Located Sydney
  3. I seem to have sprung a leak. Gas mileage has gone down and I seem to hear a leak underload. When I got it tuned (401kw) I remember the tuner had issues with my BOV's and he resolved it but told me that they could cause issues. So if I order a Greddy Type R BOV (one big one) how do I install it? I should need to retune it or anything like that? Thanks Again.
  4. Hi Guys, Im hoping someone can help me, I need a blow off valve for my r32 - rb20 rebuild. I have a GFB deceptor Pro 2- part number T9503 off my 2015 WRX STI and praying that I can use that for my r32!! As it needs one anyway.. will it fit or do I have to buy an adaptor? Any help is greatly appreciated!! cheers
  5. Hi all, I have the following items for sale: 2 x HKS GT-RS Turbochargers Price: $1600.00 Reason for sale: replaced with Garrett -9s. Dual Blitz Super Sound Blow off Valves Price: $150.00 Reason for sale: reinstated OEM BoV setup. GReddy PRofec B-spec II EBC (NOTE: in-car controller only does NOT include wiring harnesses or solenoid) Price $50.00 Reason for sale: not required for my setup. All were removed from an R32 GT-R making 305KW. I don't have much detail on these items as I bought the car and it went straight to the workshop to have an engine transplant and the above work performed. The previous owner advised that one of the GT-RS turbos had been rebuilt but I don't have any receipts to confirm this. Pick up in Melbourne or will post at buyers expense. Please contact via PM for further details. Thanks
  6. anyone in perth got a hks blow off valve flange adapter for rb25 engine, will pay $40 for it, important please
  7. Hi guys, Selling parts of my GT3076 setup that was on my RB25. Basically turns an internally gated GT3076 into external gate, to use with standard intake manifold etc. This allows much better boost control and allowed mine to make more boost down low, in circumstances where the factory Garret IW wasn't holding shut. Includes: - RB25DET factory cast manifold - Steel spacer to fit GT30 sized turbo - Genuine Garrett GT3076 .82 rear housing (5 bolt outlet flange, T3 inlet) with external wastegate flange professionally welded on (to suit Turbosmart HyperGate 45) Internal gate welded shut. - Dump pipe to suit 5 bolt turbo flange with external gate plumbed back in (including flex join) - Modified 'J' pipe with relocated AAC pipe & GFB Respons BOV (recirculate or vent to atmo) - Modified OEM heat shield - Modified OEM hotside intercooler pipe (to accommodate 2" 90* bend from comp outlet) - Steel brace (Gibson motorsport inspired) to support turbo and prevent stud flex/warpage This setup worked really well and I am only selling as I have put a 6boost manifold on. All you need is a Turbosmart HyperGate 45 and the dump/ wastegate pipe should all line up. $300 ono for the whole lot. Located Blacktown, NSW. PM for more details.
  8. Found these recently in the garage during a clear out, all prices negotiable so feel free to make an offer, all prices plus shipping. Forge Wastegate Actuators (Brand New In Box) - $250 Go Fast Bits Respons BOV (Used for less than 500kms) - $300 Carbon Fibre Console Finisher (Nissan Genuine Part, Brand New In Box) - $300 Cyber Stork Stainless Milled Dials (Brand New In Wrapper) - $300 - I believe these were discontinued a few years back.
  9. Up for sale Blitz Blow Off Valves - $150 Good condition, no leaks Intake Hard Piping Kit (JEM) - $250 These were fabricated at just engine management and was capable of flowing over 400kws Comes with everything as pictured - 1x z32 afm, 1x apexi pod filter Stock Blow Off Valves - $150 Good condition, no leaks Twin Turbo Intercooler Y Pipe - $120 Pictures attached below If you're interested please feel free to contact me on O432520zero71
  10. So ive noticed on a few images of the RB25 engine that the crossover pipe to the throttlebody has the bypass valve mounted sideways on the pipe versus the RB20 engine that has a flange mounted upright on it. Does anyone know if these pipes are interchangable or if the flanges are even the same? I have an HKS SSQV on my 92 GTSt and while it DOES clear the hood its extremely close and if possible id like to use an rb25 crossover pipe. Anyone heard of this or done it themselves?
  11. R34 GTR BOV Don't require this anymore. Works perfectly and holds boost fine, I just used a piece of radiator hose that reduced down to the factory size diameter. $50 posted anywhere in Aus. Pm or message Brendon on 0402 seven zero two 102.
  12. M35 BOV return hose HI all, I'm chasing this hose as according to Amayama it's "out of production and no longer available". I had this in an order from Nissan Japan so just be aware that if yours is hard, be careful not to split it.
  13. Turbo Lines Help I have just finished re-turboing my r33 gtst but i am unsure where all of the vacuum lines need to connect. The first photo shows the t-piece with A going to the blow-off return pipe on the intake of the turbo. B goes to the waste gate actuator and C to the boost controller (with the other controller connection going to the intake). IS this correct? and does it matter which side plugs into the connectors of the boost controller (currently the t piece goes to the bottom of the controller) Also this may or may not be related but there is another random hose left unplugged on the drivers side near the boost gauge (but isn't the boost gauge line) that disappears down into the body work. its also not the rear windscreen washer either. I bought this car off an older guy a couple years back and was given the turbo pieces in a box with them assembled roughly as seen in the photos but i have learnt to not trust him after seeing his electrical work (exposed, permanently live wires simply twisted together and run across the airbag sensor) so i have little faith that it is correct. Cheers in advance, Joe
  14. My build is almost there ! Just need your help please ! alright guys I am new to sau. I am the new guy from the u.s I posted in the n00b section . Anywho .. So my car 96' bcnr33 , is running rich as f-word i am running a step up on the turbos .. i am told by pureturbos.com when I sent them there to be rebuilt thinking it had garret 2860's that I actually had a set of journal bearing nismo/garret turbos that will flow ~375hp each so when I got them back I ported stock exhaust manifolds and bolted it all together. The car was originally map sensor on a fcon pro 2.1 with a atmosphere bov i couldn't find anyone in the u.s to tune it so I bought a power fc and afm's because it's a more accurate way to measure for my power goals . 400-500whp whatever it makes it makes problem is that right now I want to know if I should recirculate for engine/turbine health and longevity or if the power fc can adjust for when the bov dumps the boost?? my specs are ati balancer forged pistons Hks 3 row intercooler 3" intercooler pipes and Aeromotive fuel reg stock inj stock cams as far as I know turbos mentioned above hks evc boost controller triple plate clutch aem wide band needs to be put in not sure the model fuel pump but I know it's bigger too i have rc 750cc injectors with clips that I need to put in what kind of WHP would I be looking at? my filters and intake piping might be holding me up ? What do you recommend there ? I want to replace the rubber tube I have my chrome intake tube into if I can Also the tach and speedo are not functioning but fuel and engine temp and oil pressure are .. basically I want my car to be clean I have already done a lot im closing in I just need a little more help to re cap Can a power fc with pro software be tuned to minimize harm from atmosphere bov? Wht kind of power is possible with my upgrades? How can I adjust stiffness of hyper max 3 coilovers ? what should I do about my intake/filter setup ? the rubber intake ripped so a shop just chopped it back and gave me that . How can I fix my tach and speedo ? Or good deal on another one . Car is on stock ecu and fuel pressure dialed back down and running running pig rich before I put my new power fc in since the old one broke. Also, anything I should know before going to a dyno as far as the motor goes? I have a fresh set of Ngk iridium plugs for right before I don't trust the shop it was at they screwed me so I have to comb back over everything before it goes to the tuner Thanks Chris i will upload load more pics if you want let me know
  15. Turbosmart Dual Stage Boost Controller & Vee-port Type 2 BOV Turbosmart Dual Stage Boost Controller and Turbosmart Vee-port type 2 blow off valveLooking to sell together for around $200
  16. BOV leak? Induction sound help!! Hi skyline aficionados. I am fairly new in Aus and recently I bought a r33 s1 gtst rb25det. About a week ago I was cruising around and a cop pulled me over, the usual story, drivers license, open the bonnet etc (ok, I wasn't cruising) Everything was good until he gave me a yellow sticker, this was new to me, who would have thought that in Aus the cops are also mechanics.. Anyway, today I took the car to the pits and it failed because of missing mesh in IC, tyres with low tread a pod filter without permit and a blow off valve. All of the above can be fixed quite easily with the exception of the blow off valve.. The engine is practically stock, just have aftermarket IC, the pod and the boost valve is bypassed, the blow off valve is stock. The car does indeed have a massive induction noise, which is why the inspector complained.. I don't need to rev a lot to start hearing that induction sound and at some times (seems to be only in constant rpm) the sound seems to be slightly metallic, if I just push the throttle the sound keeps going up until I lift it and i ear normal turbo flutter, not the pigeon sound just the normal decompression. Could this be the stock BOV leaking? a boost leak? the pod filter?? The only odd thing that I see is the boost valve bypass, its not the usual grounding the black wire and leave the hoses. Instead I have the wastegate connected directly to the hose that comes from the turbo and goes to the IC, the top connector on the valve has nothing on it and the bottom one is connected to the intake (after the IC) will post some pics later. Long story short I just want the noise gone otherwise i might as well ask for a job at the pits since i'll be there all the time. Since this is my first post and I feel bad to ask without giving something I OCR'ed the entire R33 manual to make it search friendly (will make another post) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2fI6rThQ1T9YTZaT1JfN3IxekU/view?usp=sharing Thank you all
  17. R35 Stock BOVs Hi all. It appears not as many people post here anymore but I hope someone can give me the right information. At what point will the stock R35 blow off valves need to be upgraded? I am after response and need the BOVs to hold boost. All the information I can find online appear to come from companies such as GFB, Turbosmart etc 😳
  18. RB25Det BOV return pipe (the Black one that connects back to the intake pipe) WTB - RB25Det BOV return pipe (the Black one that connects back to the intake pipe) in melbourne, keen, money ready let me know guys Ash
  19. Greddy typr r bov good working condition $180 Sylvania
  20. Hi guys, Since selling the S15, I have some aftermarket parts which the new owner doesn't want. Located in Bexley PM if interested. Kevin - Replica V1 Top Secret Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser (new) - $500 - Beame branded Clear side indicators - $30 - ADM Steering Wheel - $150 - Greddy Type FV BOV with adapter $150 - BBS LM 17x9+20 (silver centres) with 245/45 Bridgestone tyre (plenty of tread) - $2300 - Replica V1 Top Secret Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser (new) - Clear side indicators - Greddy Type FV BOV with adapter -BBS LM 17x9+20
  21. I am selling my genuine Turbosmart 32mm plumb back BOV that came off my R33. It is actually a dual port but set up for plumb back. It's in top condition and comes with the adapter plate to suit. May also fit other models too. Price: $170 ono I am located in north Brisbane or I am happy to post at buyers cost. You can contact me on 0410445935 or PM
  22. stock rb26 camshafts $100 Stock rb26 exhaust manifolds $50 Rb26 twin turbo top pipe $80 Stock r32 gtr twin bov setup $80 R34 gtt black rear wing $100 R34 gtt black bonnet $500 R34 gtt head lights (cracked mounts) $200 for the pair Offers considered, txt me (Ben) for more info or pics on 0401418634. Pick up from Newcastle for large items.
  23. Stock Gtr BOV - $150 ono Item is located in Sydney however I can post interstate if required Please contact via pm if interested
  24. Blitz blow off valve came off my 34 only 2 months old. Best offer no low ball offers???
  25. hi guys.. I want to sell some parts that comes from my R33 GTST: Genuine Takata Seat Belt 5 Points - $200 (NEW) - the original box is ripped of so I’ll give another box.. S1 front bar fog/indicator LHS (passenger side) - $20 - working good - there's a crack on the face center console lid/cover - $10 red burgundy rear tail light - $30 (in pair) - LHS (passenger side) working good but there's crack on the bulbs cover - $10 - RHS (driver side) working good - $40 Autotecnica sports steering wheel ADR approved with R33 boos kit - $70 4pcs Tein lowering springs for R33/R34 - $70 - these are already cut 1-2 inch from original size - these will not fit with stock shock 4pcs stock shocks with 4pcs stock springs - $70 - good condition, no leak, no knock universal Blow Off BOV with L pipe - $50 all price is still negotiable.. please do not hesitate to text me at 0451960234 (no call please) or PM me.. pick it up at Indooroopilly, East Brisbane or City (by an appointment) or I can postage it with buyer expense..
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