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  1. Pretty sure its not the crimp connection on the pressure line leaking, but the line above out of the reservoir between the hose and hard line. But for anyone interested the high pressure line from the pump to the rack is around $260. Ex japan, and the reservoir hose is around $50.
  2. Ok thanks gtsboy, so I'd have to replace the whole line which doesn't look like a fun job. I'll have to investigate it further, you reckon buying a oem line $$$ if they still make them would be easier then trying to get a local hydraulic to replicate it?
  3. Hello, Looking under my car today and noticed a weeping power steering line at this join, not exactly sure how they go together. Has anyone else dealt with this before, how easily can you replace them? Any help will be appreciated Thank you.
  4. Ok thanks, they offer a bolt-on cat https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/3-VENOM-High-Flow-Cat-Suits-Nissan-Skyline-R32-R33-R34-GTST-GTR-S13-C33-A31-/251462134106 was hoping it might just bolt up and good to go. My current dump pipe is 3" to a 3.5" exhauat, didn't see the 3.5" cats but rather avoid going to a exhaust shop if i can. But 3.5" would be better. 🤔
  5. I've got a xforce cat on the car at the moment which sucks, and i want to replace it with a venom 5" cat which has 3" inlet and outlet. My car has a 3" dump pipe to a 3.5" cat back exhaust, will the cat bolt up fine to the 3.5" catback? And would i likely be able to just bolt it up in place of the old cat without having to modifly the exhaust height or anything?
  6. I've removed mine before and put them back in without to much hassle, can't remember exactly how. Definitely dont need to pull it apart, silly question is the window down when trying to put them back in? Maybe tie fishing line to it and pull it up from the bottom?
  7. Got the car back from the dyno, had a look at the spark plugs. Brand new bcpr7es were used. What do you guys reckon about the color of the tips #1, 2 & 3 plugs #4, 5 & 6 plugs Thanks 🙏
  8. Haven't had a chance to try it yet but would a high temperature thread sealant be better then teflon tape?
  9. Ok thanks tao, ill give thread tape a try.
  10. Thanks hypergear, shouldn't a inverted flare seal though. And will thread tape stop the inverted flare from seating probly or it doesn't matter
  11. Related topic but I'm not using banjo bolts, using stainless steel 7/16 -24 inverted flare. I know this is pretty basic but im having trouble sealing the turbo oil feed fitting 100%, its not leaking leaking but after a drive there is a small amount of oil around the fitting half a drop or less you can see slight discoloring. First time, I installed it was worse the fitting leaked slighty so removed and found a small bit of grit in the thread cleaned and reinstalled was much better. After a few drives i found again a smaller amount of oil around the fitting, this time removed cleaned and reinstalled a little bit tighter then before and it was much better but again a very slight amount of oil (less then before) (above pic) around the fitting. has anyone else had trouble installing a stainless steel 7/16 -24 inverted flare. How tight are you suppose to tighten the fitting? Or anything else i can try?
  12. All good got it sorted, just had the wrong height adaptor on it. Kudos being the great company they are sorted it out in 2 secs and gave me all new gaskets for having to pull it all apart.
  13. Thanks @hardsteppa yeah I reckon Kudos has made a mistake. It should work 100%. Are you able to get a pic of you spacers/rail?
  14. Thanks for the offer, unfortunately im on the gold coast. But luckily the company that makes the kit is 30mins away so I'll see what they say.
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