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  1. I'd try somthing like wax n grease remover or tea tree oil maybe rubbing alcohol, possibly could even lick it off.
  2. I brought a kit from car care products a few years ago. https://www.carcareproducts.com.au/catalogsearch/result/?q=Da+polisher
  3. I've got Bridgestone s007a tyres 265/35/r18 on at the moment and they feel brilliant heaps of grip and road noise is very minimal.
  4. Wheels look good, what are the specs? Got any pics of the fronts?
  5. I found it, it is part of the side mirror mount corner piece. Looks like this:
  6. Thanks duncan, im looking for R33 rubbers. Can't seem to find the one that looks like the r32's, the only r33 i can find doesn't look like it goes around the side mirror.
  7. You can try 303 aerospace protectant that stuff works good on rubbers and plastic. Do you guys have the part no. For the RH side rubber?
  8. You can just use some coolant hose from the hardline to the barb fitting.
  9. Looks like some genius has cut the mounting tabs off your headlight, and given that the bumper and grill aren't genuine your likely up shit creek. You'll need to diy your own way of mounting the grill.
  10. Imo Bilstein b6 shock & spring combo would be better then most coilovers for a road car.
  11. That's what i thought, mine on cruise bounces around and if i give it a little throttle at idle. But just idling it just sits around 0.8. Even at operating temp? Maybe its normal what im experiencing.
  12. May as well post here, Does anyone know exactly what voltage an rb25det o2 sensor should be at idle? Should it bounce between 0.2-0.9v like when cruising? Or should it be steady at idle? Brought a new sensor ntk, the old sensor was stuck on 0.6v at idle, the new sensor sits at 0.85v at idle. AFR at idle is 13.8-14.2 idles fine. Searched a lot but found varying opinions.
  13. Do you still use the factory fuel hat? And do you need to drop the tank too run the new return line?
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