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  1. For sale: Hypergear GT3071R turbo A/R 50 Was modified by Hypergear to their ATR43SAT specification back Dec 2016 but due to injury, car has been off the road. Car has done less than 1,000kms on this turbo since fitting. Looking around $1000 ono. I'm in Adelaide, and turbo is currently fitted to car, will be removed once deposit received, spins and boosts fine, no shaft play. Dyno readings (attached) done last night on my R34 RB25DET at Morpowa. Contact Matt @ Nistune 0403 358 142 or info@nistune.com
  2. Yes it does. I've had an ECU sitting here for years but no loom or time to look into it. Finding a loom is proving more difficult than anticipated
  3. WTB: M35 Stagea ECU plug (cut from loom) Looking to do some research on the M35 Stagea ECU (grey connector plug) and require the ECU plug plus about 20cm or so wiring (so plug can be cut directly from loom) so I can wire to my bench setup <snip> thanks Matt
  4. Tuning issues are best asked on the Nistune forums. Here is a document put together regarding MAF tuning http://nistune.com/docs/Nistune%20MAF%20Tech%20Notes.pdf Basically when you come off throttle you may get a spike of reverse airflow through the AFM. Z32 MAFs are common for this since the wire can measure airflow both directions. The reverse airflow can result in overfueling and then compensated with underfueling and lean off. You can see this in the software if you log the MAF voltage, TP (load), injection time and resulting AFRs. You will probably see a spike then dip in everything Make sure the plumbed back BOV return hose is pointing towards the turbo and away from the AFM On the tuning side the TP (load) max table pegs airflow on accel/decel. The tuner can reduce this (not too far so it reduces load readings on accel) but enough to cap spikes on decel) Using the slot style sensors (R35 and HPX resolve this issue further by improved MAF design and dispesing airflow outside the sides of the sensor resulting in more table meausre of airflow and can be put in various sized tubing)
  5. R34 Skyline RB25DET NEO - Nistune ECU (Type 4 with Feature Pack 1 - Flex fuel enabled) - 1000CC ID injectors - HPX N-1 MAF sensor in 3" tube - Tomei poncams - GT3071R turbo - Trust exhaust system, large FMIC - Bosch 040 fuel pump - Jim Berry 300ZX clutch setup 98: 289rwkw @ 17psi E85: 313rwkw @ 17 psi (Measuring about 78% during the run) Details: http://forum.nistune.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=3060&p=22711
  6. Found the plug here for these: http://www.rhdjapan.com/hpi-r35-airflow-meter-harness.html Warning... there are now copies of the R35 MAF sensor floating around on ebay etc. These are being made in China and stamped as such You can now also purchase weld on bungs in 3" - 4" tubing for these MAFs (place called MRP Machine shop in the USA makes them). I stock a few of these units These also fit the higher flowing Mass Air direct HPX MAFs which I'm starting to stock now to support Nistune customers. You can resize the MAF curve in the software to accomodate a MAF which potentially measures over 500rwkw by sizing the curve to what you actually require for the vehicle (for example my S14 only uses less than half the range) More info here on using these MAFs http://nistune.com/docs/Nistune%20MAF%20Tech%20Notes.pdf
  7. Updates are made on the Nistune forum here: http://forum.nistune.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2945 So R32 is completed and R34 is work in progress. Total injection adjustment still needs updating before I can test the firmware. I'm working on that this week. Made some progress today with this. ECU code is quite complex in these ones compared to earlier ECUs
  8. I make adjustments to get close settings where possible but some injector types and other variables will mean that AFRs may be out. Anything I put on as a base is just to get the vehicle to tuners without taking it on a tow truck!
  9. I'll be working on that next and my R34 will be the guinea pig for that one. Most of the disassembly is done but a few things still to sort out before code starts
  10. It will get there soon. R32 is close to sorted after some bug fixes. I've got the Arduino reading the flex fuel frequencies and outputting PWM but stuck on the smoothing part and keeping the voltage at the expected 0-5 levels like the zeitronix does at the moment.
  11. Changes are disabled in the trial now, because some people would tune customers cars using the trial version!
  12. Received an email today with a link to this forum thread so responding here.... What was the cause of the loss of torque low down compared to factory? See my dyno graphs here (R34 with GT3071) with no loss in torque using Nistune http://forum.nistune.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=950&start=15 Sounds like coils. Separate issue, but once you start winding up the boost any problems with coils will start to surface VCT goes from the ECU to the solenoid. There is a VCT indicator inside Nistune which indicates when it is active. You can also trigger VCT from Operations > Active Test > Valve Timing Solenoid inside the Nistune software. This is covered in the documentation and would have taken 2 minutes to check... Okay well I havent heard of anything from Unigroup directly to address and resolve issues for them. My email is available daily and mobile is available on request (I used to list it on the website until overseas customers started calling me up at 2am in the morning...). Most other workshops I've spoken to have only mentioned warm crank start issues with R34 when using larger injectors which I am looking into currently (there are 5 cranking tables which are conditionally used on this vehicle) R33 issues previously identified were due to false positive knock sensing (which has been disabled using 470K ohm resistor) due to the Z32 ECU not matching the R33 knock sensor. Also 16 bit ECUs which had been previously attempted are shown to have issues so we state only to use 8 bit ECUs Load Cut (TP) is an airflow based fuel cut in the ECU. This is what the Japansese tuners refer to as boost cut. This ECU is confirmed to have it (and I've verified it works on my vehicle) When tuning the vehicle you do your scales based on maximum TP (airflow) based on the target boost level, after this tune your AFRs and then your timing. Having to change the boost levels would require rescale and retune. Increasing above 18psi is fine but you may need to increase the Boost Limit TP and Boost Limit TTP parameters Pete (PLMS) interfaces with Unigroup more than myself but I havent heard any feedback. If they are having issues then call me to resolve since I'm more than happy to help (and this is my full time job now). I'm planning on a NSW visit early this year for training so it may help workshops who are getting stuck in a few areas .... Okay I've read the repsonses above and they are correct that the ECU needs all valid input signals. One dodgy input (or fault with component inside the ECU) can cause issues. Taking a log of the problem (using consult or Nistune software) and watching the VCT signal is the best way to diagnose if the problem is intermittent I think the rest is best resolved via email (or our forum). The reason for this is because there are many different vehicles (and forums that people belong to) for those vehicles. I obviously cannot track every single thread on multiple forums resolving issues so I mainly resolve issues via email or forum or phone... and only those methods
  13. Black R33 GTS-T 2 door. S148 AUA. Car has been dumped. Found side of the road this morning Hancock road, Surrey Downs near the soccer field Noticed it after police were there looking over it. Inside is a mess, probably burnt out :-(
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