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  1. Thanks mate. So it’s not the “L” version for the r34gtt
  2. Thanks for that, I’ve looked at a few pics and it looks like it should be NS40Z and not the L as the terminals are consistent with the non L version does that sound right for the R34gtt?
  3. Hi there, Is the standard battery a NS40ZL or NS40L does anyone know the difference ?
  4. This is the area that is hard to get to align. The bumper looks undamaged and the car the car hasn’t been in a bungle. I tried easing off off the bolts on the other side and trying to push both sides in evenly, but the passenger side is fine but the drivers side bulges out. I can try and put more bolts in but it seems there is something resisting it going back into the right place. Anyone had had this issue? Or suggestions?
  5. Thanks for the offer, I’ve managed to get an Sspec bumper and it has heaps of clearance. I had to hack it to clear intercooler pipes and the intercooler. Ive painted it with enamel primer and gloss final coat. Looks ok, but hope it won’t peel off. I only completed a light sand. A strange thing, I’ll take a photo. one side the bumper fits fine but on the other it bulges out slightly near the headlights. Do you sometimes have to heat the plastic to helps shape it a bit better?
  6. I’ve had the radiator in and out of the car a couple of times recently and I’ve just noticed on the air con condenser panel a small wetness. I’m not sure if this is a leak and would be the compressor oil? I had to angle the radiator to get it out. I can’t see any visible makes where I’ve hit the condenser panel but I guess it’s possible Is it common for the condensers to leak a little for a while and has anyone damaged their panel when getting the radiator out? I’ve only just got the car so I don’t know if the wetness was already on the panel.. The compressor still seems to kick in etc. Anyone had any experience with condenser leaks? Will the compressor switch off when low on gas? Are there any risks to just leaving it?
  7. Hi there anyone got one in good condition - no leaks Sydney thanks ben
    1. Alex Cheung

      Alex Cheung

      Hi, I have turned my GTST M-spec into a stand in track car,kept the original M-spec front bar in case one day it may be reverse to registration. white in colour,no damage, Is your 400R genuine or copy?


      Alex GTR Workshop Braeside 3195 0433878905

  8. Just wondering if someone has the measurement of a 400rbar vs Mspec for an r33gtst. Trying to see if the mspec will provide more ground clearance as the 400r scrapes on the drive. The return flow pipe is fairly low also! Thanks
  9. I have a 400r in great nick but it’s too low for my drive willing to sell including the indicators I’m in Sydney - swap for a white 4 series 1 stock version if you have it - or other colour. Otherwise I’ll sell it. great condition
  10. Too low for my drive, still on car in excellent condition and white. Prefer to swap for series 1 stock with indicators thanks
  11. Hi there I’m in Sydney preferring white 4 door version but coupe Will be ok. Or I swap as I have a 400r in great nick but it’s too low for my drive
  12. Stao, are you still of the view that the 21u highflow would be too responsive with the ball bearing cartridge and create surge or have you tried it. Still looking for the most responsive turbo for r34gtt and was looking at the 21u high flow with high flow actuator
  13. Thanks .. I've got an r34 gtt manual just wanted to look at the push type clutches and fit one of those instead if the conversion wasn't that difficult
  14. Hi rcs -how much did the kit set you back?
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