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  1. Thanks all, appreciate the info. Crazy the supras are going for that much in the US!
  2. Hi there, My car has had it removed prior to purchase. I’ve since put a new radiator in the car, completed a series of coolant flushes. At the back end of summer I drive in stop start traffic in high ambient temps, however even with the air con running the temp never exceeded 1/2 on the temp gauge. If there’s no signs of overheating, is it ok to run without the AC fan provided you keep a good eye on the temp gauge?
  3. This is a random question but what’s people’s view on skyline values over the next 3-5 years. Particularly for a clean r34gtt sedan manual turbo. Stock around 100k km importers are saying to import a clean example is around $30k. They don’t appear to be worth that much yet locally but apparently the US can import and drive 25 year old cars (and leave them as RHD) so they should increase in value further so for a 1998 model there’s about 3-4 years before that Any thoughts? I know the GTRs are what they’re really interested in but apparently they’re still crazy for the r32 and r34: supra’s are also in demand
  4. Will pay up to $650 in good condition. Sydney please Thanks
  5. Quick one, I know it’s best to use the R32 gtst ecu as the starting point. I have a manual R33, is it ok to get a r32gtst auto computer for the nistune or will it throw an error ? Thanks
  6. Thanks for all that! Some things to certainly consider.. I’ve heard some rb25 owners quite happy with a hks2530 which is a similar turbo. I understand it’s small but thought for the 2000rpm -5500 or 6000rpm range this might be worth a shot to see if I’m happy with it as it should give great response, making around 18psi by 3000rpm (about 500 or 800rpm better than a gcg or hyper fear) I have the 555cc injectors already. Maybe e85 wouldn’t be worth it for this power level. I’ll give it some thought as I’d prefer not to change turbos, just wind this up safely by adding the computer, injectors and afm.
  7. Hi there I’ve got an r33 with exhaust, intercooler etc. it has a small turbo upgrade. It’s a 2860 Garrett which I think people refer to as a disco potato with 0.64 rear. It’s super responsive. I know it’s not great for top end but thinking of keeping it as I should be happy with 220-240rwkw of responsive power. Currently it’s at around 200rwkw with 9-10pai of boost. It’s surprising as it seems to be the stock Ecu. Anyway, I can get e85 fairly easily around Sydney. If I install the 555cc injectors I have and z32 afm is there much benefit to e85 for this power range? Will you notice an increase in mid range. I feel like the turbo may be on the verge of surging as it boosts a lot down low, would e85 and turning up the boost potentially limit the benefit of the extra boost in the mid range you could run with e85 as it may be limited by surge? I guess the decision of whether to go nistune or powerfc comes down the above. As if e85, then nistune would be better. Is anyone running flex fuel? I like the powerfc as I can install the new injectors and easily trim it all and drive to the tuner whereas nistune you need to buy the cable etc i have a z32 ecu but I see on the nistune website it’s not recommended, they recommend the r32 Ecu for the base of the nistune. Anyone had experience with the z32 or r32 computer in the R33gtst? Sorry, I know that’s long. In summary: 1. Is e85 worth it for small turbos 2. What do you think of nistune for the r33gtst and does it work ok with the z32 computer? Thanks
  8. Pic of section from cat to muffler coming hold back the excitement..
  9. Hi there I’ll get some pics up. - it’s ether 3 or 3.5” no centre muffler full stainless. Rear muffler is full stainless also and a bit bigger than just a cannon. Nice note - louder than if it had a center muffler but never had trouble with the cops. Sydney - near north Sydney $200
  10. Thanks mate. So it’s not the “L” version for the r34gtt
  11. Thanks for that, I’ve looked at a few pics and it looks like it should be NS40Z and not the L as the terminals are consistent with the non L version does that sound right for the R34gtt?
  12. Hi there, Is the standard battery a NS40ZL or NS40L does anyone know the difference ?
  13. This is the area that is hard to get to align. The bumper looks undamaged and the car the car hasn’t been in a bungle. I tried easing off off the bolts on the other side and trying to push both sides in evenly, but the passenger side is fine but the drivers side bulges out. I can try and put more bolts in but it seems there is something resisting it going back into the right place. Anyone had had this issue? Or suggestions?
  14. Thanks for the offer, I’ve managed to get an Sspec bumper and it has heaps of clearance. I had to hack it to clear intercooler pipes and the intercooler. Ive painted it with enamel primer and gloss final coat. Looks ok, but hope it won’t peel off. I only completed a light sand. A strange thing, I’ll take a photo. one side the bumper fits fine but on the other it bulges out slightly near the headlights. Do you sometimes have to heat the plastic to helps shape it a bit better?
  15. I’ve had the radiator in and out of the car a couple of times recently and I’ve just noticed on the air con condenser panel a small wetness. I’m not sure if this is a leak and would be the compressor oil? I had to angle the radiator to get it out. I can’t see any visible makes where I’ve hit the condenser panel but I guess it’s possible Is it common for the condensers to leak a little for a while and has anyone damaged their panel when getting the radiator out? I’ve only just got the car so I don’t know if the wetness was already on the panel.. The compressor still seems to kick in etc. Anyone had any experience with condenser leaks? Will the compressor switch off when low on gas? Are there any risks to just leaving it?
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