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  1. I’ve just checked and it has the stock rear anti roll bar! Maybe I should just put on the stock front bar for now. Has anyone ever run just the white line front bar to any advantage?
  2. Thanks, I’ve got the GKtech. I’d like less understeer so maybe I should fit the stock sway bar and leave the white line in the rear? anyone had luck with that?
  3. I had a look at a tutorial on the HEL and it doesn’t seem to have those mounting A blocks, which keep the hoses from flapping around. Seems like the gK tech have some benefits..as they are more of a direct fit?
  4. Thread Revival! I’ve got an R33GTST that has the whiteline sway bar. I think it was on the hard setting and snapped one of the sway bar link brackets and I think on the other side the bar has been rubbing on the rubber brake line and worn it a way a little. I’ve almost fixed it all up and was considering putting the stock anti roll bar on to limit load on the bracket and avoid rubbing. Has anyone else had any issue. Alternatively I may just run the whiteline on the soft setting. Does the bar slide a bit left to right? Is there a way to avoid it? Thanks
  5. Thanks for all the tips! anyway to tell re. The crimp as I’m now considering the HEL?
  6. Oh right. I had a look at those but they didn’t seem to have the same blocks for mounting as the oem and the Gktech. To be adr approved don’t they need to have a plastic cover over the braiding?
  7. Thanks all are Gktech the best for the price or other options? Is the pedal feel worth the $200ish for the braided lines? managed to weld it up, not the prettiest welds but hopefully should hold. I welded both sides.
  8. Thanks for all that. Sounds sensible. I might swap back to the stock sway bar for now. Just had a brake problem, has anyone replaced this bit of hard line. Do I just take it off and get someone to pipe bend up something similar? I think the stray sway bar link may have contacted the brake line while it’s been disconnected ..
  9. I.e it looks like that bolt is just making sure the brake line/block is secured/located rather than anything else?
  10. Quick one, I’m going to take the bracket off to weld, do you guys know if the brake line can just be unbolted and everything else so the part can be removed for welding? thanks
  11. May be ok? Checked the movement, what do you think? IMG_1275.MOV
  12. Thanks Plynx, still no sign of overheating so I’ve left it without that fan
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