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  1. Yep ! That was extremely bad , I would edit the post but can not work out how from my I phone .
  2. I should really put my glasses on before typing on my phone ?. Thats not even English
  3. Long time since I've posted any pics of this old girl , she is finally having some holiday/ retirement after getting thrashed around at the mid 300awkw mark for last 4.5years it's time to get serious lol
  4. When Tao and are selves put Are heads together and come up with the 6765 , bb core t4 split pole rear ! This should de an animal on the new set up ! Big thanks to hypergear as usual stock Rb25 turbo for comparison
  5. The neo that keeps giving. ( had a hard life too )
  6. Well finally got round to re tuning stagea after all these years ( to busy working on customers cars ) ( and the shops s15) Old tune 338rwkw 311awkw at 19 psi New tune 360-370rwkw 340.1 awkw Still the same standard neo bottom end and small 3076.63 all standard manifolds and return flow cooler , video is of Chris and my self doing a 3rd gear pull 335 awkw 4th gear is 340 awkw @27psi
  7. Wow arts ware 4k is a lot should have come down to are workshop
  8. Just buy a just jap return flow cooler for c34 will be ample for what you need! What size injectors did you get?? Have you up graded your fuel pump yet , a shift kit would be the first stop on the list with your current mods , no need for cams , or a rebuild it's a neo god tune and you will be safe as houses ,you will also want a hard intake pipe but don't spend 300+ dollars on one lol and a z32 or the new afm from Nistune , what state you in mate
  9. I run all except mid , but biggest over all improvement was rear strut brace
  10. Trans tunnel brace was an option! Rear sub frame brace also came out on some rs4s type " b"
  11. Rs4s ,260rs and gtr all same diff and axles
  12. Yeah he only really does selected ppls cars ! I feel privileged with the onset of the new buissness Im involved in to have him as my tuning mentor
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