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  1. Just get something like this and you are right as rain. http://www.xforce.com.au/about-varex-remote-control-sports-muffler.php P.S. They have 2.5" / 3" / 3.5" / 4" and you can put them before your baffle or as your baffle.
  2. Mate I really dont care. I love the car. Its just another one to add to the collection. Wether its a GTST/GTS4/GTS/GTR it does the job for me
  3. Haha I try. There is no point arguing with an idiot. Put a silencer in the exhaust, raised the car an inch and then sent it off to an approved RTA inspecter. They passed it in an instant due to the Yellow Import Tag. So it wasnt useless afterall.
  4. It is a real GTR, it has a GTR badge on the boot lid, an RB20DET in it and GTR door trims. I dont know what the hell you are talking about mate. Got it inspected today and the defect removed.
  5. Yeah I think so to. I am gonna call Pete in the morning to see what can be done.
  6. Yeah im gonna give Pete a call Monday and see what we can do. @NYTSKY - Great meeting you mate. Yeah you are right the officer just wants a bust. Im thinking about getting the whole car engineered if Pete cant work some magic. Whats that cost roughly? I told him to measure with people out of the car, but he said the rule is "as is". I only got a small fine for that, its the whole "getting the RTA to inspect it" thing thats gonna kill me.
  7. Hey Guys, I bought GRACER last week the very famous and ICONIC R33 GTR Skyline built from the ground up by none-other than Advan Performance. Pics here: http://advanperformance.com.au/page14/page17/page17.html It was imported via Peter back in 2004 from NZ where it was built and has the sort after Yellow Import tag. Now the way Peter spoke about the car when I bought it was that it could not be defected. The cops went to town as you can imagine and I have a referral to the DECC (sound/emissions out put) as well as a "MAJOR" defect notice which is requiring a full inspection from the RTA. Luckily enough I played very dumb and he only gave me a $101 fine for the car being 98mm instead of 100mm or more high off the ground (I had a 250kg in the car but he wouldnt let me get the passengers out.) My question is - if the Yellow Import Tag is in fact able to void the whole thing of being defected, how was it that they defected the car? I kept showing the officer the yellow import plate and he said that means nothing to him unless he sees the engineering certs (which I had in the folder of car shit at home). Let me know what you guys think. Cheers!
  8. Thanks for your help guys. If its in another car and getting worked on, its gonna be hard to buy it.
  9. Spoke to powertune, they said its been gone for a while now. Anyone know who the new owner is?
  10. Hey Guys, I am trying to get in contact with Anthony, the owner of GTRB28 but he hasnt been on AUS for about a year. Anyone know how I can get in contact with him?
  11. Hi guys, i am wondering if the R32GTR grill will fit on a R32 GTST with the R32 GTST headlights? Cheers. M.
  12. Hi guys, I am after the following R32 parts; - R32 GTR Grill and Bonnet - R32 Front Left and Right Headlight. - R32 Stock Front Bar/Aftermarket Front Bar - R32 Aftermarket Intercooler Kit. Please post what you have, or PM or email me. msanders (at) healthywealthy.com.au Cheers in advance.
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