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  1. Techo

    Stagea Brakes

    Hi All, RDA have a listing for standard S2 Rear rotors. no mods, straight fit! P/N: RDA 7657. Just bought a pair for <$150! This probably means they do standard front rotors as well. Hope this helps
  2. Price revised to $10,500! However it will be sold unregistered & with JDM 17" alloys.
  3. Hey there fellow Wagoneers & future Stagea owners, It's the end of an era between Stagea & myself, so here it is on the table: -98 Pearl White S2 Neo Stagea, -86,xxx km's -Dolfin Aeroform kit, Twin Sunroofs, Custom Flames - 18" Chromies, Rear camber kit, Coilover Suspension, -All the standard breathing mods: Pod, Intake pipe mod, Big FMIC, duel boost settings, Custom split dump pipe, 3" cat back etc - Many more mods.. -$16,000 or best offer PM or call me 0402 909 020 for more pics & details. Regards, Jeff
  4. Well guys, I'm now happy to drop the price to $17k with the 18" wheels or $16k with the JDM 17" rims. Regards, Jeff
  5. Thanks Mike, My Compliance plate does for one! But if that wasn't enough, maybe the Quad headlights or the clear Tail lights might give it away, or the tiptronic buttons on the steering wheel & gear lever assembly??? Obviously someone is either not very observant or doesn't know their stags! P.S. If you want that engine cover I have that too, It was removed to aide cooling the top end of the engine (which had a 30 degree difference between having the cover on & removing it! who knows how much the temp drop was in the cam valley where the coil packs are.) So to me you'd only leave it on if you are keen on reducing the life of your coil packs!
  6. I'm not in that much of a rush to sell it However I'm open to offers.
  7. Make: Nissan Model: Stagea Milage: 85xxx Genuine Km's Transmission: Tiptronic Auto Colour: Pearl White with Black & Gold Flames Location: Toowoomba QLD (150km west of Brissy) Complied? Yeap RWC supplied? For the buyer. Currently registered? until July 09 Price: $19,999 ono Contact: Jeff on 0402 909 020 Comments / Modifications: I love this car & will regret selling it later on, however it must go if a house is to be bought. This thing is low & fast! It never fails to attract people where ever we go and the constablary thinks it's just a kitted volvo Full Original Dolfin Aeroform bodykit. Front bar has been modified to fit FMIC & the low ride height. Custom Eyelids Black Vynal flames with gold pinstripping, JAB fully adjustable coil over suspension, Rear camber adjustment arms, Twin Sunroofs, 17 x 8" rims on front, 17 x 9" rims on the back Plus the Usual RB25 Neo mods: Pod filter, Intake pipe modified FMIC, High/Low boost settings, Custom Split Dump Pipe, Custom Mild Steel 3" Exhaust, Jasma rated 3" straight through muffler (nice & quiet low down, burbles at the high end & doesn't drone). I have the standard exhaust & alot of the standard bits to go with it as well. There is some minor damage to the front bar & back of the side skirts. Also the rims have some gutter rash. But the buyer may want to negotiate over these items. I also have a set of near new 18" chrome wheels that could go with it if the price is right. If your interested call me on the above number or PM me. No tyre kickers or Joy riders please! PM or email me for more pics.
  8. Running rich & idling roughly sounds like your either getting too much fuel or too little air so I'd personally be checking if you have a leak in the intake somewhere (it's the cheapest test). Loose clamps, disconnected vacuum line or split hose would be the likely causes or a crack in the intercooler core could do it to. To test everything, just mix up a 50:50 mix of dish washing liquid & water & paint it on all the hoses & connections (& any thing else that you consider suspect) whilst the car is idling. If you get bubbles then there is a leak. If you don't find anything then I would start looking at a fuel issue.
  9. Just updated first post, I'd be happy with just about any color Dayz kit at the moment.
  10. Techo

    Split Dump Pipe

    Hey Fellow Wagoneers, I know this is a revival of an old thread but i thought i could add to it. At the moment I'm in the middle of building a home grown split dump/front pipe. I've got an old 3" 180sx dump pipe I'll be using as a basis. I've custom cut a flange out of 1/2" plate & am just waiting to get a 2" 90 degree mandrel bend, & a length of 1 1/2" pipe to press bend into the waste gate pipe. Pics will be forthcoming, Any questions or CONSTRUCTIVE comments will be answered. Regards, Jeff
  11. I'll be down in sydney in april if thats any help to anyone
  12. I rather like the rear wing so I'll keep that. I'm mainly interested in swapping the front & rear bumpers, & the side skirts. Thanks anyway Xmetal.
  13. As it says, I've got a genuine S2 Dolphin Bodykit thats just been freshly painted in White Pearl (Nov 07). It's fitted at the moment & I'm fed up with how low it is (it does look hot though). I'm after a complete Standard OR Dayz body kit preferably in white pearl plus $500 ono for it. (preferably in SE QLD/ North NSW as I live in Toowoomba) It does have a crack in the front bar, but if your handy with fibreglass it should be no problem. PM or Phone: 0402 909 020. Regards, Jeff
  14. Techo

    spot the stagea

    Got this little note under the wiper... & thought the parking inspector had pounced as he hovers around there all bloody day. Turned out to Be Hughs business card & on the back: 66YOSTAGEA was Here. Made me think it might be a thing to start. Whenever you find a nice Stag parked somewhere with no-one about leave a business card / piece of paper with: "your SAU username" was here. www.skylinesaustralia.com So for me it would be: Techo was here. www.skylinesaustralia.com That way it's a big G'day to those already in the forum, & we are also promoting it to those yet to discover this wealth of knowledge . Just an Idea.....
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