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  1. i braught down 30+ people to that cruise to help raise funds for you guys.. and if every1 was so behaved then how cum cops closed the cruise down for 90% of the attenders last night @ freo? are you trying to be funny? make a joke bout me driving an excel out that night cuz i never noticed u comming to my face and letting me know that u think ur better than me.
  2. i didn't just buy 1 map.. i baught a 2nd one also for my mate thank you .. and what's the point on going on a cruise if the team aint with you when ur DRIVING to the next point on the map.. your a moron.. don't lash out unless you know the story.. you all just left freo because u felt like it and didn't inform.. simple as that
  3. LoL that guy was probably me.. cops told me 2 find Dan and bring him 2 them.. sorry 2 scare every1 with my shaved eye brows.. ( DON't use BBQ's with idiots around holding meth spirits ) yeeaah im not going to lie and say it was a GOOD night.. because it wasn't for me.. none of you guys bothered to inform the other boys to follow onto the next stop which means we all drove home after freo prison.. quite dis appointing team work apart from that.. the money raised im happy to see the money will be helping the needed
  4. yeah i liked the way the cruise was organised and handled.. too bad there was 2 many disrespectful invaders..
  5. I strongly believe it'll be going way past mid night..
  6. Hey is the 9pm Woodvale meet up still happening for the Northern Boys? I need to know for sure so i can plan my timing..
  7. omg your SO RIGHT!.. your the man.. i couldn't have wrote that better myself!! GO PAUL!
  8. 1996 The R33 Skyline (Series 2) continued the concepts introduced in the R32. Drivers airbags became standard in 1996 as they had been only an option up until this time, passenger side airbags remained an option. The ignition system was also changed, with the ignition module no longer located on the cam covers and was instead replaced by improved ignition coils and ECU. The turbo was also given a nylon compressor wheel. Throughout the time the R33 was produced there were quite a number of different styled lights and bodykits fitted, the actual body/chassis underwent no changes. Among the cosmetic changes in the series 2 were, the headlights which tapered down more towards the grill and were fitted with improved reflectors, the grill (which was longer on the Series 1), the bonnet which had a re-shaped leading edge to fit the new lights and front bumper changing shape in the smallest amount to match the lower edge of the new headlights. Later models of the Series 2 also had the option of having a Active-LSD fitted. The R33 ceased production in March 1998 with the 40th Anniversary R33 Series 2.
  9. that answers my question thanks guys!
  10. r33 gts-t series 1 vs r32 gts-t both of them completely stock which has better handling which is faster? bold question but i'm curious
  11. all i have to say is it was an excellent night!! * chosen few * and sum other SMART people stayed with our cars park't for HOURS until the cops finally moved on we was playin basket baaaall and eating iiiceee creeaaaaam whilst every1 was getting sticckkeerreed simply because of sum fully sik bro's that spoilt it for all
  12. sorry bout *edited* part of my last thread.. i shouldn't have said that yeah hope to see ya all there
  13. hey everyone.. yeah i don't know any of you but i'm hoping to meet you all this friday.. i'll come to the woodvale meet up point.. i don't mean to brag but i do know a LOT of people in perth so maybe you'll all pop up and be like "HEY I KNOW U! " 9pm meet up? i'll be driving a green hyundai excel ^_^ by the way.. you should all seriously exchange phone numbers it works well and i'll try get some chosen few members down cuz im not supporting any club on friday simply why im driving the excel out hehehehe *edited*
  14. best ecu = Wolf .. simply because of it's features ... the only reason you all don't like it iz because no1 knows how 2 find good tuners for it
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