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  1. Not sure where to post this, Im new to WA and dont know of any decent places to take my r33.I sent my car from melbourne to perth and ever since i have picked it up the poor thing has been f*cked. 1st. The passenger side window went down and refused to come up for a week!!, but somehow it fixed itself (touch wood) 2nd. The car was misfiring due to water near the spark plug, (fixed) 3rd. The exhaust sounds really nasty/rattling from near the cat. 4th. There is a tiny oil leak coming from under the engine/tranny, but I suspect this has been happening for awhile. The thing that gets to me is before i sent it I had a full service done and it was running like a dream. So $2100+ later i end up with my car but barely able to drive it. I have noticed it doesnt have as much power as usual im guessing this is because the cat or something is stuffed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. lost my key to my car and dont have any spares!!! any suggestions? i have another skyline that has ignition ect,ect and was thinking about swapping them but i dont know how to get it off the steering colum. the reason why this is so important is because i have an interlock device on my car that needs to get to the downloading place within 4 days and with no key in sight im starting to stress! help would be greatly appreciated! can locksmiths make another key for me? i wouldnt have a clue i have never done this before.
  3. i have a stock auto non turbo r33 it goes harder then any gtr and has been places no other car will ever go....half a pack of ciggies and its yours.
  4. is it just me or are holden and ford trying to restart some new muscle car era? i wonder what will be next a 500kw territory?
  5. i think it looks great and reminds me alot of the older z cars. clearly what the car is based on. the only thing i dont like about the 350z is the back lights, wtf were they smoking when they came up with that idea!? but the 370 looks a little better. cant wait to see a real one. looks better then an s15 imo
  6. fun thats what! there are millions of r33's out there so do it, be different some guy on boostcruising put a nissan v8 (not sure of the name of the engine) into his r33 it was doing low 12's from memory
  7. how the hell do you get out the rear lights and indicators from an r33 i have removed the screws and tried beating it with a rubber mallet but no luck..............ok i have found the d.i.y thread on resealing the back lights all is good. but i still want to know if its possible to detach the indicators from the brake lights? or to leave the indicators and change the color surrounding the brake lights? also, after removing some crappy neons the previous owner had installed i noticed the back lights arnt working? the indicators work fine but the brake lights dont work at all? maybe the globes are blown? maybe its something else, any ideas? any help would be great.
  8. the dent in the boot is from a dickhead lifting it with a hoist from the rear!? so i think il get a sledghammer and try and smash it back to some sort of shape then sand it ect. the boot is missing all the gromets so i have replaced them all and everything should be sweet. havent tried putting in the back arm rest things but will keep posting if i have any other troubles. cheers does anyone know if an rb30 power steering pump and alternator work for an rb25?
  9. they are very fast cars! aparently they go faster then a twin turbo supra according to need for speed. jk nah they seem to be alright despite the hyundai badge. they dont look as bad as the old s'coupe and aparently have pretty decent handling.....for a korean sports car.
  10. 422kw does seem a little much, but at the end of the day its still a commo so who really cares. 3 years later it will be worth $12,000 =P
  11. the previous owner was a bit of a d.i.y freak installing neons (that dont work) and some other crap so there are wires everywhere and half the cars electrics are gone. anyway he has taken out the back seat and the rear armrest wall things. im having trouble putting the arm rest things back in. they are really loose. the back seat isnt secure either. there is also some very minor rust in the boot floor. (dont know what to do about that) the interior is far from perfect but luckily for me i have an r33 wreck that i can swap parts for to bring it up to shape. if it wasnt for my wreck i wouldnt have bothered buying this car. anyway just need some help and advice putting in the back arm rest things in and the rust. i will post some pics of the car soon and then once i am done with it. cheers
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