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  1. Let me know if you wanna sell em man. Thats pretty much exactly what i'm after, don't need the tyres though cos i can swap over the ones i have on my ride at the moment. I'm in melbourne as well so lemme know if you wanna get rid of em and i can come have a look...
  2. Guys, I'm after a set of 32 gtr rims, does any one know where i can source a set quickly or do i just have to wait till someone puts them up for sale? Thanks,
  3. Ahhh, thanx mate. I will try and find the actual one 2night and post it up tomorrow.
  4. Heres one for my s14: JN1GBAS14A0005189 Could you see if it works please Thanks,
  5. The odd concept with a radical design does come every so often... The success of these designs then influence said companys design language and future models may/will draw from its design
  6. BINGO All automitive manufactures have there own unique design language which consists of certain characteristics that are common accross all models in their brand. This ultimately mean most if not all models will have very similar design ques. Just the way it is i'm afraid.
  7. Awesome, that would be sweet as See if we can beat the STIG with those lap times he does!!
  8. XR6T for sure, although i hear the new model is close so.....
  9. This sounds awesome. Will the system work for an S14? Obviously its an ADM model but i'm guessing this data will be there as well yeah?
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