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  1. I need some metal pipes cut to measured size, drilled, and some pieces welded together... I can bring pieces to you.. Im in south west sydney suburb near liverpool. If someone knows of another person who does this please message me contact details Thanks
  2. Its going to be different but interesting , I'll post up when i'm more definite and ill post results either way.
  3. lol OK 1000hp seems to far dont even know why they advertise it as such .But Over 500Kw has to be possible, neway Im not just talking about slapping the turbos in , it will be a complete MEGA-overall setup PLenty Head/block work, Spool Rb29 strkr... Flex setup Im just wondering if anyone has actually seen it with a different mega-Overall setup than the RH9, Im guessing many people just hear Single are best and thats what they end up with Maybe ill give it a go and post results Say I wanted to Go single, does anyone know where i can get it certified road legal (NSW) and whats the costs? Only thing i dont like is the appearence its easier to tell its Heavily power modded just by lifting up the bonnet. Do people just do it anyway and just hope it doesnt get looked at?
  4. WIth the GEN 2 GTX2867R Twin setup (below link) rated at 1000hp Is it difficult to get this kind of HP? And around 550KW - 600KW+ https://www.turbokits.com/Nissan/Skyline_R32,_R33,_R34/Turbo_Upgrades/ATP_Garrett_GTX2867R_Gen_II_Drop-In_Turbo_Upgrade_-_RB26DETT_(1000HP)/10764/ Will be on a Flex Setup RB29 WIth PLenty headwork.
  5. Hi Guys, I have Power FC Tomei Cams -5 Turbs 700-800cc Cant remember Fuel pump spitfire coils Straight cut PAR Latest revision - Issues seem to have been ironed out 18Psi 340awkw 3inch Exhaust Cat converter upgraded Some other things also , just in a rush--- My aim is e _ flex Can you please list all the parts I need? fopr this, it will be my final build, I want everything immaculate - Also ant the block Strengthened , I was thinking getting an N1 and strengthening this as a base, I will also be getting the Spoon RB29 Kit to match with it, I want to keep the -5s As I think this and the rb29 will be a great mix. If someone with GREAT knowledge list the parts I need so I can start doing my own research and comparing.
  6. Thanks so much for this comment , it makes so much sense what you said about the battery and the clock taking the power last, I may re modify my oil catch can and locate it somewhere else which will give e heaps more room for a bigger stronger battery. The only reason I take it to workshops is because of the low jack and Dyno, I have had the worst luck with Mark @ hills literally never taking there ever again and if anyone loves their car Id follow the same path, but the fact I hate workshops in general is because they lack the passion as it isn't their car and just want to get the job done and get paid, which makes sense. I love this car literally like my second wife lol, I don't drive it daily, and I have the entire brand new interior from nissan ready to go into it, not because the interior is shit in fact its in 98% good shape and its a 1994/July make. Only reason I am putting the new interiror is just that its NEW, I want every nut and bolt eventually to be changed lol... This just shows you how I treat the car. Id love to have a guy with the right area to work and the same passion willing to work for $$ in their spare time, hard to find though. I do have one guy but only thing is when his busy I need to wait weeks, good thing about him thought is I can watch him and wait workshops hate when you do that as they know they have to be EXTREMELY careful. THis guy used to be just my mechanic but now is basically my mate so he doesn't care.
  7. @ djr81Well when the battery completely dies no the the time is different, but when the battery is not dead the time goes back to how it was before. @ breaker1845I honestly cannot tell if its on its own wiring or on a separate line, you might be onto something here I wonder if I can get someone to run wiring directly to the battery instead of going through all the other stuff as this is why I think it takes a lot of juice to electrify the wiring as it has to bypass everything else, I am really bad when it comes to auto electrical stuff, it look real complicated behind it all. I took oit to JB HIFI to set up the DECK, I did not sit there and watch everything they did, I wish I can do this all myself or I wish I know a GTR enthusiast like me who I can pay to do he work for me, at least I know they will treat the way do and take good care of it whilst giving me tips. @ djr81"If you are letting it sit for a month at a time go and get a solar panel battery trickle charger and hook it up to the car. This will keep the voltages etc up and you may well have the problem fixed. " This is probably something I may have to start doing Do you think its just easy to buy a mad ass battery and that'll be that? The question is whaat type of battery is going to be very power but sit in By the way is there anyone in the sydney area that can assist me in all types of work with my car, of-course i pay for your time, I even have the garage and tools, only thing is I do not have a low jack or ramps which is one of the main things but I am thinking of buying this tools. Your time and help is appreciated. FYI - I need all water and heater hoses replaced, I have the hoses ready to go. I also have Ikea formula front arms needed to be fitted, this is all for now. plenty more to come later. If someone has the skill and time id be glad to hire them as a mechanic for whenever I have work to do. BUt please I dont want some that is not confident or someone that says " Yeh yeh I can do this and that and then I find out they lied and they are trying to figure it out on the spot, as this is something I can do myself if I think hard enough. Once again your time is appreciated,
  8. Hi Guys, I hope we can get a solution out of this. I bought a brand new internal digital clock which works (proven) seen with my own eyes, Problem is when I let the car sit there untouched for weeks -months and Ive added more electronics astime has gone by me owning the car the clock started turning off at certain times. Here is is the story and most of the electronics in the car POWER 330AwkW mild tune -- Stock INternals Alarm system + Micro sensor - 90% of the time on untill I remember to turn it off when I leave the car sitting there for weeks. Subwoofer + amplifier 6x9 rear speakers 4 inch front speakers DVD Pioneer deck + 7 inch screen POWER FC + Hand COntroller LARGER ALternator - biggest one that can fit in this spot, was a struggle to get it in there. but it looks nice Larger fuel pump and injectors I cannot remember what else, I definitely have other mods, like bigger cams and such but I dont think they use battery , or do they :\ Anyways.. Here is the the story, I dont drive my car very often infact id be lucky to drive it once a month, When I finally start it up, I let it idle for 5-8 minutes, and take off slowly for the first 10km the digital clock does not illuminate, I start driving for 30 minutes - stop the car park it. 5 minutes later jump back in and start it up and drive again, still doesn't illuminate, this time I drive for a GOOD 1hr straight around 50-70km, the next time I stop the car and let it sit for 5-10 minutes I start it up and the clock now illuminates and stays this way until I park it at home and let it sit there for a few weeks to a few months. Can someone help me with this mystery? It defnitley is not the clock as we have tested it on a bench
  9. I am not sure if you read the whole post or not, But i mentioned that I am pretty sure it had nothing to do with the tap because it comes on and off even with out the tap, 5% on 95% OFF so it very rarely turns on... I just thought the tap did it but was just a coincidence. Also did you read the part when I said that when I drive and the alternator runs, the clock then works fine the next time I turn the car on? LOL thats why my first sentence said ---You need to read the life story so you know about whats happening And No the old clock NEVER came on, it was totally dead. So its totally different symptoms as to what I see now, I am definitely going to take it to the auto-lec but I just wanted to see if anyone knew why the alternator seems to be connected to it in a way. Ok I try repeat what I said in a brief short way, here we go:... So....... When Battery drains OR when it JUST kicks over by a thread meaning the battery is almost dead the clock doesn't show. BUT and I mean a BIG BUT!! When I drive the car and get the alternator spinning and the battery gets some charge as well as warming up the alternator it seems :\ yup the clock WILL appear the NEXT time I turn the car on after I do that. So again, if I drive it for 30 min and then park it , when I start it up again the clock is back on as normal it wont be back to normal if I just start the car without running the alternator... Its almost like the clock needs charging.. Here comes the weird parts ......So 1st I replaced the alternator as I have always wanted a new BIG POWERFUL one.. But I left the battery , I knew it was failing but I didn't want to buy a new one yet as I dont drive it often....well I'll just add, even after the new alternator was installed the same thing happened with the clock , if I left the car off for 1week+ and I start the car and its DEAD or it BARELY starts well the clock does not show until I drive it around abit and run the alternator abit, well the clock goes back to normal when the battery has been charged up with the alternator... Reason I say Alternator is because I left the car off for 3 months but this time I didn't jump start it Instead i bought a brand new battery and plugged it in as this was dew, now.............shouldn't the clock come straight on as I have a fully charged new battery? NOPE soon as I drive it for 10 min and run the alternator THEN turn the car off and back on, YUP clock is back on and stays on... even if I leave the car off for days upon days.. AS LONG as I dont let the battery die as this would mean, I not only have to jump start it but I have to run the alternator for abit and then the clock will appear the next time I start the car. Tell me that is not weird huh?
  10. Hi, You will have to read the whole post if you want to get the whole story... I know some people tend to read the 1st paragraph and assume what its about ... SOrry its so long I just want to make sure you get all the facts ... I started a thread a few years back about the R32 GTR Digital clock anyhow I ended up buying a new one of someone that bought it but never ended up installing it, It came in the box it looked new no scratches anyhow, I installed it and all is good. Anyway since the car is not a daily driver, I actually never noticed the issue until one day battery drained and I had to jump start it, so when I did this is when I noticed the clock not showing, after driving to where I wanted to go and the alternator has had a run Id switch the car off and after 1 hour of being parked I turn the car on and the clock is back on as normal, so I started to see a pattern , when the car battery would drain and I needed to jump it or not even if the battery was very drained but it would JUST kick over by a thread well the clock wont be on or it will appear on for a second then disappear again, Id drive the car for awhile then park, next time I start it its on. Battery was failing by the way, anyway this time I went home and did not turn my car on for 3 months I know "Silly" OH YEH---- During that time above I did replace the alternator to a larger more powerful one.... And the clock thing still happened--- Next thing I would replace is the battery read below--- Next time I un-covered the car, I didn't bother trying to start it I new the battery was gone as it was on its way out before.. I purchased a new battery plugged it all it and started it, well to my surprise clock is not on, I left car on for 25 min to get the insides lubricated again then shut it off , to my curiosity I tried to start it again to see if the clock would work but Nope, so I started tapping the surrounding of the front face directly underneath the clock and I saw the clock come on, Perfect brightness looked very healthy, anyway 10 seconds later turned off again then I saw it come on by it self for a few seconds and then back off I started to think was it even my tapping that turned it on or was it just coincidence. so I quickly pulled the surrounding and unplugged the clock to see if it was a dirty plug , nope they looked good to me although I aint no electrician, plugged it all back , ignition on and clock came on again 20 seconds later, it turned off.. It was getting late and I am frustrated so I packed up and went in side .. the only thing I did different to the other time this happened is drive and use the alternator properly, as in idle mode I don't think the alternator is properly used, now that I am thinking about it I have a feeling this is somehow connected, as I said above it will only show after the battery was drained and after I have driven for a bit, and when the battery was full and I never let it drain the clock will come on the next day or next 2 days what ever, as I said it only happened when it drained, almost like the clock drains and then runs of the alternator - but then why would the headlights turn on and all the rest.. I dont get it. Sorry for the life story but I really want this thing to work, since i bought a new clock a couple years ago and I have not even done 15000kms in the last 3 years, I don't get it... I have a New BIG alternator. & Brand new battery.. Why do you think this happens--- My car is under a few covers I cannot be bothered unwrapping it all over again, but I definitely will this weekend, I am betting the clock will start again after I have driven the car for about 15 minutes, but my question is why...
  11. Its not as low as it was, I thought I said that in my last post a while ago when I put my new suspension and 10inch rims, on I had to raise it so its now perfect height.. Anyway was this is it ?? http://www.nengun.co...uster-lower-kit Is this the Caster rods & Control arms as a kit?
  12. Bro is this it? http://www.nengun.com/ikeya-formula/roll-center-adjuster-lower-kit They look abit different But I have a feeling this is Caster + Lower front control arm ?? Or I am totally wrong
  13. Hi Guys, I am curious if these exist anywhere, prefer adjustable but no adjustable are ok 2 .
  14. No its not a seperate part its all one peice the clip doesnt come off, its part of the 1 mold and there are three clips part of the 1 mold, 1 of these clips are broken which means one side of the part will not clip into place. And yes I know exactly what your saying, I have other parts like this. but this part is 100000000000000% not one of them, I mean when I say clip I mean its the bit that allows the other part to hold onto where ever it goes on. Whats your email, I will send you a PDF i made for them... This is ridiculus that it is going this far for a small cheap part BTW Thanks for you reply buddy EDIT: CHECK PM I HAVE SENT YOU A LINK TO THE PDF
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