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  1. Thanks. Is this only a v-spec 2? not a nur?
  2. Hi, would like more info on this VIN : BNR32-305111 Cheers.
  3. Depending on your budget, power goal and purpose of use ( Track or drag or street ), there are many combinations to choose from... As for the extended sump, try looking at the High Octance Racing ones...
  4. i'm with ix9... just put a pigeon under the hood
  5. http://www.zerotohundred.com/newforums/int...x-for-sale.html Made a call to the guy selling and he would not want to take a picture of the structural design of the seat for me. Product is said to be from Taiwan and wrapped with real Bride cloth.
  6. if i were u, i would wait until i have around 15k or more before i start searching for 1. That way, u would have enough change to fix any minor issues of the car that u have just bought + maintainence fees etc. U wouldn't want to scratch ur head and start looking for more money and see ur car sitting there in the garage for the next 6 months or so because something broke and u couldn't afford to fix it. my2cents
  7. Would like the plastic bit under the oil pan. It's the 2nd piece to the front diffuser. Please pm me the price. Also, is this the standard r34 gtr? Would like a price on the diff as well. Thanks
  8. I asked greenline and they said the tomei kit doesnt suit the 34..im thinking of just taking the whole system out atm
  9. Yes, thats how I exactly got my front bar...looks weird isn't it? and I wonder why so many ppl could call it high quality product... lol Yes, I can get the same thing from Malaysia because that's where I come from but that's not important.. What I recommend is find a famous local bodykit specialist that really knows what they are doing and do a group buy among u guys. There should be enough demand for someone else to be willing to make the mold and sell these kits instead of the only 1 guy..
  10. Yeap, I agree..but i believe the reason why so many are patiently waiting for his parts is because they all think he's the only person selling the kit that they wanted. I could have got the same kit that is 10x times better in quality than his at the same price but I need to send from overseas(which detract most ppl from) which I wouldn't mind at all after receiving and looking at the kit made by jsai Didn't even bother to fit onto my car..
  11. ^^ What MLCrisis said. When u look at the ads in carsales, look carefully at the pictures too see whether the car's spec is as advertised. For example, a normal gt-r sold as a v-spec with only front diffuser on..no rear diffuser low kms example with nismo dash on 'v-spec 2' with gray cloth interior and fuse box writing in white.. engine bay colour ( i've actually seen one that is totally different to the exterior )
  12. Yes, I'm selling mine atm but haven't really advertised it yet...still thinking sell, don't sell, sell, don't sell...but if price is right it would have to go..pm me if ur really interested
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