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  1. tryed puttin a fuel pressure reg in to up the fuel pressure to conpensate for it leaning out up top
  2. the car is no longer on ebay. if you need info just pm
  3. factory stereo and speakers ive never put an aftermarket one in
  4. dont sell the car tooooooooooo cheap unless you need to sell urgent. about $18000 would be fair but no lower
  5. yes but it is a urgent sale thats why the price is so cheap
  6. its still going to cost $3000 to import and then $4000 to comply and then the plates yur looking about $2000 for that. then if you want mods more on top. this is a lot chearper then importing
  7. well they better not hope on that. it might not come ture. rumors that they are going to put a stop to that as well
  8. it is in car sales.com.for $14000 the problem is people want the car but dont want to pay for. ppl these days want everything for nothing
  9. people would like to pay through a cra yard and pay a higher price and not know who had the car before them.
  10. thats ok and thank you. i hope you sell your car as well
  11. no a lot off time wasters on there we even had a kid 14 bid on our car and win and couldnt pay, we just have it on there because of the pics easer to tell ppl to look on there then email pics all the time
  12. we had $17000 to start off people just want to get a cra even cheaper than what it is. they forget that people in the import indusrty know what car sell for and now with the new laws how much the cost just to comply. people dont realise the cra is cheap they wont find cheaper in QLD but thanks i might put it back up and try that
  13. nismo you know the car and no no lower than $13000 your dreaming perhaps less a turbo?
  14. well as you know at jamboree at the tower it works on a honesty system to collect your time slips. if you would like please feel free to watch the video of the run that was a 13.3 at 110mph that we have and alos of other cars on the day. perhaps it is because you car cant do 13 or even a low 14 dont coment unless you have the fact to back it up. you cant coment on what you think if you dont have the truth of what the car did a 13.3 at 110mph as we do.
  15. or they only want to pay $9000 for it. but im not going to sell for less than $13000
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