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  1. it would cost a bit of money but just do the basic mods boost ;exh f mount it would high 11s not 13s ive done 15 rb20t conversion in silvias with the same mods and we got 13 flat on street tyres 12.4 on et streets
  2. dont take it out if u own a 33 your car will go in limp mode its called a pyrometer pronounced {pie rom meter}it is there to tell the ecu that your cat is f=?kin hot ie blocked u can take it out on a 32 coz its only hooked up to a light on the dash
  3. lambo we were tryin to help u we just got sidetracked
  4. justgo to www. autospeed.com.au click search and type engine management click all articles and then go
  5. yep i hate afm they sux i just need a aftermarkrt computer so i can do low 12s car shuts down{limp mode} at half track on 8-10psi
  6. im on http//www.autospeed.com.au/a_0128/cms/article.html
  7. sorry boys were all gettin confused here all my comments r on factory computer and factory sensors in not saying im right or worng and u guys r right or worng im only going off the cars ive done and tested and what ive been tought at work and tafe well were i used to work ill esrace there words from my memory gijor33 if u have picked all your info off this site its a good 1 coz u r 80% right .how about u damqik gts-t where did u pick up your knowlege you r pritty clued up uourself
  8. was your engine standard if it was u had a fault somewhere in the electrical system mate ive put an rb20t in a silvia and it went through the nsw rta emmision laws with a bov venting to atmo and passed with flying colours my car has been on the dyno with a bov venting to atmo it passes emmision laws and gijor33 o2 sensors r in use all the time what do u think helps control a.f ratios
  9. the turbo cars racing blowing a puff of black smoke r soo fuelld up with too much fuel to start off with my car does this and i dont have a bov on my car and as for the afm it plays its part but when the throttle is snaped shut the computer kinda ignores the afm for an 1/8th of a second coz theres all this fuel in the engine but no air comming in{throttle is shut} so the ecu stuts off the injectors for that 1/8th of a second to burn off the fuel and the air in the plemun chamber then when the o2 sensor senses that the excess fuel has burnt off the o2 sensor tell the ecu that the engine is very lean and turn the injectors back on and at the same time starts talkin to the afm all the above happens in less than second if u stick a sniffa up the exhaust and do this as soon as the throttle is snapped shut the anlizer screen spikes to the rich scale about 12to13-1 for 1/8 of a sec then leans out to about 17to18-1 and the scale flattens out back to 15to 14.7to1 this all happens in under a second providing the car isnt runnin rich to start off with all the above happens the same way even with a na motor do u need me to explain more and im not trying to b a smart ass im trying to help so every 1 can understand what goes on
  10. ok time to talk technicalraist60 as u dont understand what im talkin about ive just learnt about this at tafe {yes im a mechanic} ok here goes all fuel injected cars run lean when u snap the throttle off. The tps tells the ecu to shut off fuel to the injectors only for 1/100th of a second to allow for the excess fuel to burn off in the engine as this is happening the oxygen sensor is reading the exhaust gasses and tells the ecu what is goin on as soon as the o2 sensor sences a weak mixture it tells the ecu to flow more fuel so when a bov vents to atmo or not it discludes that air coz the tps has told the ecu to shut fuel off which in turn runs the engine lean if u dont beleve me take your car to a automotive workshop and do a test on the gass anailzer with a bov plumed in and a bov venting to atmo u will see it for yourself these computers r allways learning {called fuzzy logic} all fuel ratios r controled by the o2 sencer
  11. i had the same problem do what motox says disconect the batery power i left it off over the weekend coz i went away reconnected it havent had the problem since if u do it u only have to disconnect the power for 5-10minsthat should fix it
  12. thats y u have a tps {throttle position sensor} and a oxygen sensor to compensate for this
  13. u just said it after the afm thats correct so how does the afm register the air when the plum back is after the afm its simple it dont coz its after the air flow meter air goes throu pod filter throu afm them meets up with plum back pipe is then in to turbo does everyone understand now or do i have to draw u a picture?
  14. even ones that vent to atmosphere it dont change a.f ratio
  15. BLOW OFF VALVES DONT change air fuel ratio coz the blum back is after the afm go and have a look under the bonnet of a skyline turbo and u will see that the blum back is after the AFM .remember the afm only registers air goin one way
  16. bov that vent to atmos DONT change air fuel ratios on cars that only have afm ie sky,silvia coz were the factory plum back go to is between turbo and afm. So the afm doesnt register it .2 i built a rb20t in a silvia in qld with a turbosmart type 2 bov for a customor in sydney and he went to the rta to get it tested on emission and it passed with flying colours with the bov type 2 on it remember it goes pod filter afm factory bov inlet pipe turbo
  17. im pritty sure a rb25 gbox wont fit on a rb20 block different bolt patten i know rb25 and rb26 r the same thou
  18. take it to mike davis automotive he does roadworthes and goes over the car with a fine tooth comb to make sure the car hasnt been in a smash or isnt a piece of shit dont know how much it will cost hes in clontarf [redcliffe] area
  19. R32 for sale 92 5 speed good price email [email protected] for pics no time wasters or tyre kickers nothing wrong with the car just need to sell due to wedding hence the price!!!!!! why pay $18000 in yards or private when you can have thi sone for $14500 with 12 months reg in Qld and rwc upon sale. many mods and extras. only 81000km on the clock. car not damaged in good condition inside and out quick car for this money ran a 13.3 on 8psi at 110 mph with standard computer this is a bargin first to see and drive will buy value for money at this price!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. under the new scheme joe blogs cant bring in a car he has to get someone with the complince of the car he wants to bring it in in for him if it has slight damage it has to go straight to the panel shop before it can be complied once at the complience shop if it has any goodies they get taken off and the car gets complied as standed once complied the car can be sold as standard or with the the goddies BUT THE CAR HAS TO BE SOLD STANDED FIRST AND THE COMPLIENCER CANT PUT THE GODDIES ON IN THE SHOP THAT HE COMPLIED THE CAR.I allso heard that compliencing will start off at $4000 plus tyres.
  21. u can allso elongate the engine mounts as far as they can go the ones that bolt 2 the block custom inlet mainifold twin cam head and the rb30 should fit .The r32 and cefiro crossmembers r the same and yes they fit straight in to a s13 i have done enough rb conversion 15 in fact so i know how do them .Oh by the way the rb30 block is 1 inch taller than a rb20 or 25
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