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  1. What's included: - Used Bride Ergo Seat - Used Bride rail suitable for A31 Nissan Cefiro or R32 Nissan Skyline. $250 reflects the condition which is poor. As far as I know the only thing fine with the seat is the structure- I always intended on getting it re-sponged and re-upholstered to put in my next Cefiro. my email address is tom at .the domain. coolchaos .and then put. .com at the end 0410 532 548 Pick up near Hyde Park near the Sydney CBD or can deliver around CBD. more info: It came out of the Drift Battle Magazine Issue #3 cover car, which was originally imported so the seat has a long history of being scuffed up and fabric worn out by drifters getting in and out of it. The rail itself has a few scratches but is straight and does not require anything other than the bolts to be installed. The seat you definitely would want to get some sponge and re-upholstering (even with a proper clean and repair would look pretty nice). Selling to make room and don't have any drifty cars anymore
  2. Good price for non-drift hack ceffy with clean paint, big box ready and otherwise ready to take any power upgrades.. fastidious owner with long history on SAU (SK suspension, rb25 box, clean as paint etc etc) with all mods done with no expense so you know it'll putt around without blowing something up... pity it's a slow market .. maybe make him an offer?
  3. Spotted many skylines the last few days.. i cant remember anything so i snapped as many as i could The photos are, in the following order, from Thursday - west I think Friday - Warringah Parkway, near The Parkway Friday - Warriewood, Pittwater Rd Saturday - Palmer Street, Woolloomooloo Saturday - can't remember
  4. Spotted one of the nicest cefs I've seen this morning. 7:30 coming off the highway up onto William Street. Champagne/bronzed cream with blue pearl. 17" or so older school rims (Manaray/bbs maybe?), front bar I think was autech or stockish (didn't see), late model rear garnish and the same or very similar rear bar to my old ceffy. Looked tough as. New styled number plate. Anyone here?
  5. I don't agree that r32 projectors aren't worth it ... it's all subjective. You will have to recognise that they will never be as good as a retrofit, that is where you take the entire headlight projector designed for HID from another car and mount it onto your car.. The kits on ebay and HID conversion 'bulbs' are a bit different because while they use the same technology as factory setups but they don't give you the proper projector designed for these. They do however make the HID bulbs to fit your projector (H3 or H3C or H1 or whatever). Now.. personally, I have installed a kaixen kit from BATMBL in both a r32 and a31 and I thought it was a good result. I had 6500k or 6000k I believe - the closer to 4300k (daylight) the better, but I decided on 6000k range (bluer) because the projectors are not designed for HID and so did not want the extremity/full effectiveness of something like 4500k. The typical things that will go wrong with these kits are glares and hot spots. I had 2 minor hot spots and with no cut off shield - I had OEM crisp cutoff and better lighting. I DID have to be careful with the glare and hotspots however because these things can be a nuisance in the wrong hands. So ... basically, you can put one in the cheaper/worse way and yes it will work. It's actually quite acceptable (dialled in correctly). If you have the money and can do it, the best way is retrofitting a proper projector into your headlight assembly and you can use the proper HID bulb sizes and have the full benefit of the technology. If you don't want to go hunting wreckers for OEM stuff like honda etc.. get a kit from http://www.hidplanet.com/package.html - take a look at their forums too you can learn heaps there. GL oh yeah someone on these forums did the cleanest retrofit - they have a thread.. you'll have to search I can't remember their name but they had skills...
  6. photo of car goin onto the truck during the week. bye car Project MAYHEM status terminated
  7. Car reportedly safe with owner now in Victoria Best deal ever ebay feedback lols good !1heke!121 etc blah I'm not sure if the owner wants his plans revealed however I would keep an eye out for a 4 door r31 causing havoc somewhere attached: car gettin loaded
  8. HOLY shit I just opened the pics and noticed it's no longer purple. That's f*kn hot....
  9. Holy shitto Ando selling the purple beast ... Noway I remember driving out with Ando to look at it after he bought this thing and pretty much kept in touch with Ando while we've both had our cefs etc - I've also seen he's a real enthusiast and just how properly this car was re-built. If I was in a position to get a car like this I would... well, except that I would prefer a non-purple colour and SR engine haha GL with the sale Ando - hope it goes to an enthusiast!
  10. Not turboed at the moment, I have exhaust manifold, gaskets, all piping, silicone, o clamps and FMIC. To turbo it'll need the turbo, the water/oil lines, injectors, fuel pump and the computer. With that it's either rechip, VLT computer or custom. The VLT computer has a knock sensor whereas the r31 one does not, that didn't bother me too much as I was only going to run safe boost with it and CEF11E who's posted in this thread was going to do the remap for me. Anyway I've taken a deposit for it and hopefully it'll be picked up this weekend
  11. Gday, I'll part it out if no one buys it as a whole or I get enough serious people buying the main parts. The suspension is s13 coilovers, so you know. PM me to let me know if you would also be interested in the s13 conversion "kit" or just the coilovers so I can factor this in. Cheers.
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