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  1. My car is so popular, some drunk ass rex driver lost control and pulverized the shit out of the rear end early this morning. Now it looks like a metal sandwich, well at least I can get some compo out of this one.
  2. So I can get $1500 for my R33 auto gearbox? That doesn't sound too bad
  3. Hey can anyone give me an estimate on how much I'd get from selling it as is? Some mechanic told me he'll give me $500, I think that's abit low more info, it's a R33 series 2 auto coupe, everything from interior to rear is undamaged. Also if anyone's interested you can contact me on 0401 007 913. Cheers Ge
  4. get a R34 GTT, it's your decision in the end it doesn't even matter!
  5. The best example I can give you is that those 'tree huggers' are actually Tusken Raiders from Star Wars Remember how Anakin confessed what he'd done to Padme in Episode II: Attack of the Clones. "I killed them. I killed them all. They're dead, every single one of them. And not just the men, but the women and the children, too. They're like animals, and I slaughtered them like animals. I HATE THEM!" If only I have that kind of power, but it will lead me to the dark side and forever dominate my destiny. Now use your imagination and creativity, who are the Tusken Raiders of Australia
  6. Ok Terry if I had anymore 'headaches' I'd definitely come over for some 'hypno therapy' My car wasn't parked at my house it was at the taxi rank where my dad works as we just bought a new car and he didn't want any tree hugging mofos having ideas
  7. I feel so filtered with all the filtering by the filtering moderators on this forum. Have a filtering heart you filtering filterers. But that's what all 'people' do. Sad how we make fun of other people's misfortunes to make us feel better about ourselves That is until shit happens to YOU! P.S Thanks for all the condolences, dunno if it helps but certainly doesn't hurt
  8. LOL love how the admin are quick at work on this fourm with 'people'
  9. Mate if I've upset anyone on this planet it would only be myself and obvious you haven't seen Transformers http://powet.tv/powetblog/wp-content/uploa...8/barricade.jpg
  10. If anyone drove past Campbell Street in St Peters on Sunday night around 10pm please contact me if you saw anything suss. According to a roadside worker, four "autobots" came around and had nothing better to do but pour gasoline all over my car and set it alight, he called the police but the whole engine bay was completely destroyed by that time. CCTV's got you on camera bitches and your f**king car It's like they say, you don't know what you've got until it's gone, all those f**king hours of sweat and love you've put into that car is just gone in a matter of seconds. Even though I don't have comprehensive insurance, that wouldn't make me feel any better, because money can't buy you everything. It kinda feels like a family pet has died, but not of natural causes. Some mother f**ker took it away from you. Not sure what I'll do now, it feels so sereal, shit like this only happens in movies or the news. So what is it that we have learned today children? That autobots are the lowest f**king scumbags on the face of this planet! RIP Barricade 26/02/2007-19/09/2010
  11. xplosive or 400r everything else looks overdone
  12. He was talking bout the stickers at the rear anyway I used methylated spirit to remove mine, if that doesn't work then turpentine will do the trick
  13. I did the same for mine and just solder ironed a hole in the trailer lights to accomodate the indicator.
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