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  1. Hope he parks it nicely somewhere and walks away when he's done with it, don't want it ending up like my car
  2. Car found this morning crashed into a steel fence in Martin (which is a suburb near the gozzie gp) Currently at AAAC towing yard in Kewdale.
  3. Any idea who was driving it? Or was it parked up? Thanks guys
  4. Welcome to the bike world
  5. and hurry up with that video of the big stack too pl0x
  6. My tacho is busted at the moment. I smash 7-9k rpm while idling in the driveway
  7. whatever you do, don't try and find the answers yourself via the search function. that would be bloody stupid.
  8. the helmet cameras http://www.goprocamera.com/
  9. I've got a gopro hd motorsports hero, you can borrow for $500000.
  10. You can always tow it behind a car If you know anyone with bike gear (leather gloves/jacket), they would save all your skin if you tip over or something and eat the pavement. PS. give me a go

    M'mates Place

    definitely keen if i remember
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