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  1. Not trying to spark an argument. I just double checked the "SA Section - For Sale" thread and I did not see anything mentioned about it being compulsory to post your phone number? Anyway despite the above I hope for your sake you can get your number removed....
  2. I'm an idiot haha, I just realised that was my original username when I first joined SAU and than I changed it a couple of times after..... I'll stick with the current username lol Thanks anyway
  3. Just to help you out Ben I would recommend in future that any For Sale threads you create, you only send your number privately to the interested buyer. What is that saying? "what you post on the net stays on the net"
  4. spotted as clean looking Gun Metal Grey R32 GTR driving along The Grove Way heading up the Hill.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I was afraid that was going to be the response. Are the SAU-SA official events mainly posted within the SA members thread section? I know its kind of like that with NSW's members. I may just use my brothers Facebook as a last resort to find events. Thanks.
  6. Hi, Could I please have "CoffeeBoy" if it is available. Thanks
  7. Coming here after being in QLD and NSW. I haven't attended much in the way of cruises, meets, dyno days etc. I went on one of the Ben Simpson Memorial cruises which was great, but nothing since. Sometimes I check the SAU-SA events section for new things only to find the same thread last posted 01 Aug 2013.......... Other than Facebook is there anywhere else I can look to find out about events? (Don't have Facebook anymore)
  8. looking good. Has Stewy moved his ute out of the car port at all? he should be back home now. the dude parked it in on the worst angle.... lol
  9. Yeah he pretty mature on the road which I guess is a good thing lol
  10. Yeah tuff little car. did you hear him give it some?
  11. Black 180sx? nope that's my mates.
  12. hmmm probably give that a miss although I would like too its a bit far from out here. I'll be keeping an eye out for something small and local
  13. Unfortunate for me as I wont be in Richmond for the whole of June. Was going to ask about organising something small this weekend? lol
  14. bump Nismo Front Pipes still for sale. Managed to get 334AWKW whilst using these front pipes with stock R32GTR dumps and HKS Hipower Exhaust
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