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  1. Awesome to see this thread still kicking. Not the whoretown it used to be though. Hope all you chaps are doing well.
  2. Spotted DAMIT in Sunnybank. Cool plates bro.
  3. hojak

    Gabnr Gone

    Just picked up the bike today. Was hoping to pick the bike up as soon as i sold gabnr to help me forget about selling it, but instead, i had a few weeks to think hard about what i've done. All good now. It's a purple gs500e. leave me alone people, purple is cool.... Man you were supposed to sort your licence out on your birthday, haha. What happened? pro honda in rocklea is sweet. They gave me a 2 for one deal for a two day coarse (as i've never riden before), took a friend, halved the cost, sweet. Paid for my first day, and passed the coarse. Didn't have to pay for the second day. So basically i paid a quater of the retail price of a standard 2 day coarse---mucho cheap, paid like $120 for my licence. Might be a way for you to get it cheap. You got a bike already? Haha, thanks for the nice wrap man. With the ride, definately mate, soon as this weather clears up, if it ever does, absolutely keen to go for one.
  4. hojak

    Gabnr Gone

    Hahaha, easy there white chocolate. Damn my carport looks empty. Still a shock to me to walk downstairs and not see a grey garden gnombe looking all fine.
  5. hojak

    Gabnr Gone

    I just realise i made a big boo boo. I ment the west side boys, not north. (got north on my mind) Not that I think north siders are bad, just haven't met yas. My bad, west side is da best. *ali g styles*
  6. hojak

    Gabnr Gone

    So 'the' day has finally came. I now am now gtr-less *insert epic sad face here*. Am leaving the nissan 4 wheelers for a suzuki 2 wheeler. Was going to add a comment about how a gtr isn't the best form of transport for a family man starting out...but neither is a bike...soooo that kinda stuffs that. Anyways, Gabnr's new master's name is Quoc, extremely nice guy and will be joining the forum soon. So fellas, be nice to him as you've all been ever so nice to me. Quoc ==> beware of the west side boys, they bite, but not hard and are a awesome bunch of guys. Enjoy the forums and your newly aquired car. Ps. forgot to tell you, it's due for it's 2000km service (if you decide you're a weirdo like me and like to spend more time looking after it than driving it).
  7. Spotted vandit this morning on klump rd. was coming out of gym.
  8. Spotted a matte black 34 gtt on an early sat morning...stephen? Looks really good. Got snobbed by a 33 4 door tonight. I get snobbed by a fair few 33's...might stop waving at you guys as my inferior 32 should not be seen amongst fine cars. I joke, I still wave.
  9. Really sorry man, I noticed you after we passed. I'll blow you a kiss next time I see you to make up!
  10. I see that jerk face everyday. shits me.
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