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  1. yea it advertised on numerous forumns, paper and autotrader the only calls come from the autotrader stove.
  2. hey i was just wondering if people are having trouble selling there cars atm? ive been tryin to sell mine for a while now and there just doesnt seem to be many people interested is there a drop in people wanting imports or is this just a 1 off thing imput would be very helpfull thanks stove.
  3. yea thats a common problem with the rb20 box car will still run fine all day every day with that noise just turn to radio up hehe stove.
  4. std master and slave cylinder should handle a 2500lbs pressure plated clutch no worries std plate is bout 1500ish stove.
  5. 93 r32 manual rb20 stock internals R33 s2 turbo 3 inch turbo back exhuast k&n pod 040 feul pump apexi safc hybred ebc 500 x 300 x 100 FMIC dynoed on 13psi 274.2 RWHP which is about 205 RWKW stove
  6. HICAS light will come on when the power steering fluid is low aswell i had this problem topped her up and she is all good stove.
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