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  1. Hi- I cant PM you until we have reached 10 posts. We would like to advertise with you. CAn you contact me please. sales@bodyformaero.com.au www.bodyformaero.com.au Allan

  2. I've been thinking about adding drop down menu's for a while. Its not top of the priority list though.
  3. Yeah ithey're just based on your post count and rank, thats all. I'm trying to work out why they arn't appearing for some of you though *scratches head*.
  4. Sory guys, I am working on a fix. Its a runaway process, but I need to catch it in the act to fix it and I haven't been on when its happened so far.
  5. Ministry of bass Trader area Period Expires 2/1/08 - Paid for 3 months
  6. Ministry of Bass Trader area Period Starts 2/10/07 Paid for 3 months
  7. Viva Garage Trader area Periods ends 2/01/08
  8. Viva Garage Trader area Period starts 2/10/07 Paid for 3 months
  9. ISC Banner & Trader area Period Expires 1/10/08.
  10. ISC Banner & Trader area Period starts 1/10/07 Paid for 12 months Banner and own trader area.
  11. the link still works, it will make no difference if its there or not.
  12. AutoGroupBuy Trader expires 11/10/07
  13. AutoGroupBuy paid for 1 months will expire 11/10/07
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