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  1. It really is well packed GTR .. Where abouts are you located , just info for interested people--
  2. heyy jheeno.. heard this is Garrets car wasnt it? .then its not the one i saw from Pennant hills then. bleh. He had it stolen frm bel Garage? .. Ron told me. Its an inside job i tell you----
  3. Yerh thats what I thought.... Can not be bothered being defected for that but it looks damn hot
  4. sighh.. another cop whose bored and got nothing else to do. Really sorry to hear though, sounds really unfair.. Track is a good idea though
  5. yerh it was sold ages ago. he jsut hasnt been on for ages.
  6. Well as the topic says, I'm looking into a respray of my black 34gt.. ITS getting bit plain for me, so I want to spice it up a bit. The midnight purple is the only other colour that I'd be proud having on my car... So please help me decide which purple is the best. I'm not really into the whole 'blingy' theme like the original charmelon colours etc but I think that they have done a great job on the midnight purple 3. So its real hard to choose. YOu can include pictures if you like... Money isn't an issue here XD Thanks in ADVANce!
  7. mhm, thats what i thought. cheers Craved!
  8. mhm, , where abouts does he live? .. because last time i saw a white evo 7 with numberplate with lots of 9 in it was in Pennant hills. I remember cuz it had a high ugly wing.. So dOes it have a wing? ..
  9. mhm.... does the Rim repair shop do titanium lip aswell? and how much? i dont mind if its 200each
  10. awww, thats so sad. At least you have a car while the line is gone! gudddluckk!
  11. all these supercar at his disposal... wow!
  12. +1 for Gunmetal~~ !! it helps the chrome lip stand out heaps more!! More of a beast!
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