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  1. Got some 5W30 in the shed, will that do? Nah, design issue http://www.google.com.au/search?q=ad700+creak edit: shazbot, reread my post.. meant that moving my head causes the headphones to creak
  2. I've had a pair of AD700s for a while now. I'm very happy with it overall though just moving my head around makes creaking noises that have been getting worse since new,
  3. f**k vw forums circlejerks ahoy
  4. I resent that, when I was there I made an effort to get through the line. In other news, I've been thinking about replacing my 775 system with 1155 but just unsure if it's worth getting the 2600K over the 2500K. Mainly working with CAD these days and from what I've read, there isn't a noticeable difference between the two.
  5. Beautiful, all there is to say really. I believe I spotted this on Boronia Road months ago, certainly stood out
  6. prae

    Spotted Thread

    Yesterday heh Thought the back end of my car was in your lane
  7. prae

    Spotted Thread

    Sorry to GTRFTW if my GTI blocked you from turning onto Burwood Hwy from Cathies
  8. prae

    Spotted Thread

    Sorry if I was following a bit close, I was admiring the pearl Good luck with the sale, if it weren't for my car I'd have bought yours in a heartbeat.
  9. prae

    Spotted Thread

    GTT4DR on Burwood Hwy/Cathies. I was in the GTI behind
  10. Voted, looks like it wouldn't matter but
  11. Did some updating over the last year and a bit
  12. f**king these. When I worked at a PC store, these two brands gave me the most trouble. Whenever Acer had any cashback deals we'd get endless complaints from customers not getting their cashbacks processed, thinking we had something to do with it. The Hitachi consumer drives were quite bad too, with maybe 2-3 coming in every few days.
  13. Geez Div, that last PCCG update must've made you bawl your eyes out. For me it's either the spiderman/batman/superhero or shaw cases
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