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  1. Urgent sale as we are buying an SUV and need this gone soon. This car is rarely driven as i use a small daily car during the week to ans from work. 105,000kms Sports Automatic 3.5litre V6 Brand New high performance Battery HID lights Rare Sonic Blue color Alpine Sound System Dvd player Bluetooth Phone Conectivity Electric Driver seat Automatic Dusk Sensing Headlights Auto fold mirrors when locked. Smooth to drive and has a lot of power. Regularly serviced at Giant Nissan. Need this gone soon and any reasonable offers welcome. No low ballers as i will ignore. Mobile 0433554074 or 0433052583
  2. Hi all Selling my v35 as we are purchasing an SUV. We have serviced the v35 regularly at Giant Nissan. 105000 kms No damage Very clean Alpine DVD player Bluetooth mobile conectivity Only driven on weekends Price 11,000 negotiable Need it gone soon as it is not used and we would like to purchase the SUV soon. 0433554074 (no low balling) SMS for more photos as it kept failing when i try to upload more.
  3. Haha. It was actually my fault. The vanity mirror was loose on the right where the screw holds and i thought let me tighten it. So i screwed it up.
  4. Thanks Max Problem has now been fixed. I had to call a mobile electrician and he was really good. He found the issue was the screw for the top vanity mirror had gone through the cable for the vanity light and shorted. Once fixed all above stuff works
  5. Sorry its a 2003 v35 coupe List of things that dont work: Glove box light Key surround led Front & Back switch for seats (No sounds at all) - up & down works Trunk lights Dome lights Vanity lights Door step lights
  6. Not sure what fuse it was as it was in Japanese. I just took them all out one at a time. It was in the inside driver side fuse box. If looking at the fuse box directly then on the right side bottom row in between two other 10amp fuses. Not sure if it helps.
  7. Hey guys, just wondering if you can help. I just noticed that my interior lights, door lights, beeping sound, trunk light and power seat front back button does not work. I checked the fuse and found one that was blown, i replaced it with the same 10amp one and it blew again. I tried again and blew it the second time as well. I cant figure out what is causing this. I have not done any electrical work recently. Only thing i did was vaccumm car inside and a little under the seat. I dont see any issues under the seat where the cables are though so not sure. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  8. Hi everyone. Selling my 2003 v35 in excellent condition. Reason for sale, i dont drive it much. I use a daily to and from work and the v35 is not used much. Price is 19999 o.n.o http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Nissan-Skyline-2003/SSE-AD-2748451/?Cr=15&sdmvc=1
  9. Hey Chris, Thanks for your reply. So yesterday i ended up trying a new battery and it worked. (I should have tried that first). I did test the battery with a tester and it showed excellent so i thought it wouldnt be the battery. anyways, where could i get a new fob from? complete with the transponder and stuff? Do they come in different designes? the OEM one looks very old skool and boring.
  10. Hey guys, My key fob has been playing up recently after i had a flat battery. It just does not work straight away. I have to keep holding the unlock button for anywhere between 5 - 10 minutes before it finally unlocks/locks. Once it has unlocked it work work fine if i keep pressing unlock and lock. I tested the battery with a tester and it shows that it has full power. I dont think it is a battery issue as it works fine once i unlock it and then press the unlock/lock button. I also dont think it is the actuator as even the boot doesnt unlock straightaway. Anyone experienced this issue? If i had to but a new key and fob, how much would it cost?
  11. Nah i meant Double Din for a V35, it was with the climate controls as well.
  12. Hey mate, i got the double din genuine one from USA. i found it on ebay for around $300 brandnew infinity part.
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