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  1. hahaha. Remember sometimes an engine has had it and it needs to be replaced with a newer low klm version. LOL
  2. Sorry just realised it wasn't posted in the sa section. . I am not in a hurry just wanted an idea, thanks for the info.
  3. I just saw a dark grey R33 gts-t going down port rd, towards port adelaide with a for sale sticker on it. It had the gold work rims i want so bad. On the outside chance anyone knows the car let me know as i want those rims more than i want air. LOL.
  4. Hey all, Last week i sent in my membership form and obviously the $45 fee. just wondering what the timeframes are for recieving my membership card and forum details etc. cheers for any help.
  5. I just yesterday recieved my letter from road transport saying my good behaviour conditions are finished. The wording in the letter came across as, well you have behaved yourself for 18 months feel free to go wild. LOL.
  6. LOL. That 'civirex' would be the biggest sleeper.
  7. Pm please kellie as i would love to tag along.
  8. It sounds like it will be a good day, i'd definately be interested if there is still a free spot.
  9. LOL. He even poked his head out of his car, saw it was indeed flat and shrugged it off.
  10. Yeah i will pop past villis tonight bout 6-6:30, see if anyones there. A late night cruise sounds sweet as tonight perfect weather for it. if anyone can, just post when and where.
  11. Definately the only import when i head out. unless you count the odd commie equiped with genuine chevy badges! LOL. Yeah just let me know when and where the next one is and ill tag along.
  12. Hello, im only a recently active member of SAU:SA and would love to be added to this PM list of kellie's as i have no mates with imports to cruise with and cruising with commies just isn't as fun. LOL. Does everyone meet at villis every friday or?
  13. Hello everybody, I have been a skyline driver for the last 3 years now and figured i would join the forum of other like minded owners. I used to drive a 4-door NA R34 but was hu8ngry for more power after a year or 2. Late last year i picked up my current R34 GT-T, Black with light mods. Look forward to cruising with some other owners in SA soon. Cheers, Austin.
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    Just some photos of my ride.
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