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  1. Any chance you could take some pictures and get an estimate of how much to send to Sydney NSW?
  2. How much you want for it and which state are you in? Do you have any pictures too?
  3. Need a bonnet for a jap import v36 2007 model coupe and the hinges too Thank you
  4. Hi everyone, i'm going overseas so i'm selling my beautiful 370gt I imported it back in 2011/2012 and it's fully complianced. Absolutely immaculate condition and i've treated it like my baby. She needs a good home and deserves to be driven daily instead of rotting in my garage when i'm gone. This 2007 Nissan Skyline 370GT Type S CKV36 Auto has a powerful 3.7 litre engine. This car is always garaged and rarely allowed to see any dirt. This car has 244.6kW engine power @ 7000rpm. 64961 km on the clock only. You will be glad to know- no accidents!. This car comes with a complete roadworthy certificate. Registration paid until May 2016. It is priced to sell quickly at $25,490. The car is stock with 19" OEM rims and brand new tyres I just fitted. This car comes with a roadworthy certificate. The vehicle rego is paid for the next 6 months until May 2016. This Nissan Skyline represents great value at $25,490. Since I'll be Overseas please contact me here via the forums, directly by email eyezonli@gmail.com, or my mate "Joel" on 0401819737
  5. Hello all, i've been a bit of a lurker on these forums for the past couple years but I now need some assistance. My 2007 Nissan Skyline 370gt CKV36 is in need of new brake pads and I'm trying to source them but i'm unsure as to exactly which pads fit them?? Does anyone else drive a 2007 370gt and has experience replacing them with non oem pads? If so which ones did you use and where did you source them from? Any assistance or advice will be highly highly appreciated!! Thank you Very Much!
  6. Hi i recently got a v35 myself and i heard something interesting... I'm not sure if this has been mentioned / discussed before, but someone said i could take it to Strathfield car&audio down here in sydney and they'll flash the whole system with the Nissan Maxima one thereby converting everything into English and allows everything to work, satnav included. All you'd need afterwards would be to call up Nissan and getting the australian map disc for a Maxima and bang it into the DVDRom and voila? It sounded too good, and i havent had time to confirm this yet, but does anyone here know about how true / viable an option this is?
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