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  1. i use no bull supps, good high protein, mixes well and tastes good too
  2. another technique to stretch your arms out to improve front squats is: assume the front squat position with arms under bar and elbows forward have friend stand with their shoulders under your arms and slowly stand up i get my mates to do it, main drawback is theyre both 6ft6 and im 5ft 10
  3. afaik there is 2 areas, regular people and big boys regular people stuff is all in lbs, not kgs, and has crappy bars etc from what ive been told saying that, the membership is well cheap id go have a good look at the whole joint and see
  4. wow today is amazing weather
  5. im expecting this in the next month or so 6 plates off being able to use all the 20kg plates.....
  6. yeah i make sure that im not on the same weight for more than 3 sessions, and i havent hit any kind of plateau yet. generally i aim for a min of 6 and a max of 10, when i get to 10 i bump the weight up, thinking i might back that down to 4 and 8
  7. must be broken, it only has 2 pedals
  8. so id be better for aiming for say sets of 4-6?
  9. by lower volume i assume you mean sets with lower rep counts?
  10. been getting back into the gym and by far my favourite exercise is deadlifts Last workout yielded: 6 x 100kg 6x 100kg 6 x 105kg 6 x 105kg body weight is 105, so im happy after 2 months back at the gym that ive gone from nothing to being able to lift my own weight one quick question, is there any advantage at all to putting a 1RM set in there, or is it just so you know how much you can actually lift?
  11. WGNPWR


    take it to court stick it to the man post results
  12. my dogs not super excitable, hes learnt to be good, but he tends to jump all over new people and yeah, when mines in trouble he skulks away, only to come back a minute later
  13. sif keeshond is too big but they are f**king cute, my one is amazing!
  14. chirnside park, (near the bowling place, behind the Hj's) has one
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