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  1. hey wassup guys i have recently invested in a n/a r34 and the question i want to know is why are all people that buy commodores so ignorant to n/a skyline owners? i have since met people that say "whats the point of buying a skyline thats not even turboed' (hence quoted by a commonwhore driver) they also said "my car would beat any n/a skyline in 1st". So what i want to know is why are most commonwhore drivers ignorant to n/a skyline owners? and how should i deal with this person that i have to work with and if you guys have had any problems with this issue. cheers jarrod
  2. thankss heaps dude i didnt no u have to take the back seats out is there an easy way around this and the parcel shelf?
  3. so arhg does anyone know how to put new springs in?
  4. dont go to kempsey with ur line it will get flogged for sure.atm theres kids stopping cars there and stealing them out the bush.
  5. yer well i just ordered superlows yesterday and the guy in the shop said that they will be fine on my stock shocks as long as i drive it smoothely or sumshit(wierd) any ways i ordered them so if that happens i suck.
  6. yer i thought that could be the case wen i posted well thats failed?
  7. ahh i went and ordered them through autobarn and they rang up and had them ordered in like 5 minutes also supercheap can do it aswell. where bouts u live?
  8. hey guys i have had a look around the forums on how to install springs but some topics werent very satisfying to me. anyways i have purchased myself some superlow king springs for my 34gt and would like to know how to put them in any help would be appreciated. fanks jarrod.
  9. hey guys looking to buy a R34 gt dual gauge pillar pod have searched everywhere and cant find it im in nsw by the way.
  10. spotted 2 skylines today 1 in wauchope black 33 looked madd dint get plates. and a white 34 gtt wif carbon bonnet in portmacquarie also dint get plates.
  11. hey yo wassup guys i just got my first skyline the otha week and i love it even tho its n/a but ahwell. i live in porta macquarie in nsw and its a shithole road wise it smokes poles.any way thought i would introduct my self to the peoples on this website anyways im out. i hate commodores
  12. ok i see now i was about to go and get out the grinder but i didnt lucky (jks) i now know wat ur talking about cheers guys
  13. hey guys i was thinking of getting a new set of wheels but i dont no how they will fit coz theres this weird roll thing attached to my suspension and i dont no if i getter any bigger wheels will they fit. and wat is it anyways?
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