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  1. Does anyone know where I can get a set of sparco seat rails for a R33 GTST?
  2. Heya.. Yeah Orchid thai could work.. I will keep you posted. We should probably do it on a weekend to maximise peoples availability. It would be great to see you!
  3. Hey all, Was chatting with Nick (Blitz) about pulling the old (2003/2004) Team Northside peeps together for a reunion dinner. Probably in Lane Cove. Trying to get in contact with some of the oldies.. I created a Facebook group as many people are not here on SAU much from those days. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1388560844800406/1388561231467034/
  4. Bunch of savages in this town..
  5. Yep.. I know where you are coming from. After this kind of thing happens most people go into shock a little. Richard may well have been thinking about how much trouble he is in for crashing the car of some guy he has never met before, which may explain why he was short with you. (benefit of the doubt you know) A mate of mine speaks highly of the MX-5 club and its members too, I think it was already suggested but they may be of assistance in getting parts and contacts you need for the repair.
  6. Eric - Sucks what happened, and I am glad that the club members pulled together to get your car home. This is a great club that I have been far to absent from in recent years. I hope you get the car sorted as painlessly as possible. This is a really tricky one, and could set a very interesting precedent should one party be held liable (impossible under the waivers). If all of a sudden we are now liable for damage done to others on a race track how many people would go to track days? Ferrari owners would have the track to themselves! The insurance costs would make the whole thing impossible. The whole scenario sucks, especially since both cars where owned by people who where not at the event. Both owners got a call to say their treasured cars have been damaged. The thought going through my head at every track day is if I bend this thing, hit a wall or if someone hits me it is my fault. If someone hits me or I run out of talent and get killed its my fault. I am the one who signed the waiver, I am the one who put my self and my car out there. (I am now totally precious about my old R33, and that's why I am building a dedicated race car). At the end of the day a brake failure at any speeds is scary (happened to me years ago at EC) and I think its great he didn't hit you about a meter up the car. Perhaps the only thing that could have helped is by splitting "street cars" into a separate class. Way back in the moto-concepts days at Eastern Creek they would split us up and running with people in similar speeds cars was always a little comforting (although in hindsight us C classer s where noobs) (EDIT: Just saw it was a passenger lap.. Changes things a little and I can understand why many events sadly don't allow them). As a mate of mine said after putting his car into the wall at Eastern Creek "it's motorsport..."
  7. Perfect.. if thats still the reg. Anyone have any doco on how to go about this? RTA website has nothing.
  8. So that's a permit to move between stages of a rally, but doesn't allow you to move to and from events right?
  9. Hi Gang, Cant find any recent threads on this topic so I wanted to see if anyone here has any ideas on NSW race and Rally rego. The RTA website doesn't make any mention on race cars (http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/registration/conditional_registration.html) and CAMS website isnt helping me much. Basically in a few Google searches I am seeing that the RTA changed the rules mid this year and people seem to think you cant do it anymore. Does anyone have any information on how I could register a unregistered (non-import, expired rego) car with race and rally rego?
  10. Funny you say that.. My Neighbour had the council come out to tell him to pull down a cubby house he put in the front of his lawn. In the end he got approval for it.
  11. That's because your too quick for em Fangio! I used to winge about getting followed home by the police from Chatswood back in the day, or getting pulled over and RBT'd all the time. It's a fact of owning a performance car. Our cars are more likely to be stolen, crashed or driven outside the law. Now that they have the automagical license plate reading system you will find if you have been naughty in the past you will probably get pulled over more too. When I used to boot around in my Nissan Patrol I never got harassed by the police, but I wasnt out cruzing at 1am on a weekend in it either and the mods where legal. (Plus it takes a while for the Patrol to get up to speed, and they cant really see you behind the smoke screen). just 2cents. Most the cops are pritty cool and just want us all to behave. Just remember the attitudes and behaviour they have to deal with next time you wonder why they put on the tough guy act when walking to your car. One thing I have come to realise is this... I got a Skyline.. The police hate imports, we are the victims etc etc I got a Patrol.. The Police hate 4wd's and mods, we are the victims and environmental vandals. I got a Mountain bike.. Motorists hate cyclists, Greenys hate Mountain Bikers and we are the victims.
  12. Such a tragic loss. My condolences to their friends and family. I am glad we have a great community here, which will no doubt support those who were close to Tom and Gerard and are hurting right now. RIP
  13. and we wonder why the police target imports... http://www.smh.com.au/national/driver-doin...90903-f9qk.html Front page of the paper today.. what a wanker.
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