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  1. that would be a Nismo Rear Spoiler http://nissanraceshop.com/shop/nismo-rear-spoiler-skyline-350gt-2dr-infiniti-g35-coupe/#prettyPhoto
  2. my missus ran it on 91 with E10 while i was overseas for a week and when i got back and drove it i could feel the engine jittery. feels like incomplete burn / running lean and the car was very underpowered, even the gear shifts seemed lazy. so yes it can run it but it will kill your engine in the long run as the mapping and engine fuel management is intended for ron 95 or 98 i tend to fill up usually when it gets half way and il alternate sometimes 95 sometimes 98 and it runs smooth, no noises, quick response and unexpected surprises.
  3. Granted i have at a younger age pushed the pedal a little more than needed at the lights or left it creep up a couple of km over but there is a difference in being cheeky once in a while and doing absolutely idiotic things on the road. i agree name and shame. if they just left the lights and revved the engine a bit then hey they acting like a kid but if they endanger others and make a bad name for us as well as increase the insurance costs following accidents due to they're stupidity then by all means give them a kick up the proverbial a$$
  4. i wouldn't risk it as the s15's are cop magnets and if they see a different engine they will ask for you to get it checked by a mechanic that does blue slips (identity check ) to make sure the parts aren't from a stolen and chopped car go and find a mechanic that does blue slips or a customs shop and ask them what you need to do. most will give you the steps you need to follow but prettysure you need an engineer's certificate and a check from a blue slip approved mechanic
  5. I assume your around parramatta so i say go to another workshop with good reputation and have them check it. in ur area id send you to Team K Kustoms. and ask for Marcus. he's the owner and he works on the cars himself. top bloke and keeps costs as low as he can. he fixed my radiator and even found a cheap one for me rather than go oem and drain your budget. and called me before ordering anything to make sure i was ok with costs As for the price of rotors i know OEM will be double if not tripple of normal DBA rotors. so the new mechanic may just order oem or high grade just cus he doesan't know you or wants to make some extra $$$$ Team K Kustoms is on 23-25 Cowper St, Granville NSW 2142 Tel: 9682 5498 And like i said ask for Marcus and explain to him what happened and ask him to have a look over it .
  6. Give the guys from Waitara Smash Repairs Phone:(02) 9489 7777 - Address: 5 Romsey St, Waitara NSW 2077 They fixed my old Pulsar and the paint work was top notch and they done it cheaper than any other place i asked. generally the ones that quote $2000 will only mask over trims and leave the glass in and paint right up to the edge so allot of those cheaper options wont turn out as professional looking as you expect. the more expensive ones will usually be cus they change stuff like the plastic at the window on the outside and rubbers and all of that stuff and replace it with new one. the guys from Waitara did it proper and for only 2k full respray. Go in and ask them if you can have a look at one of their recent jobs that is in the shop to get an idea.
  7. Anything is possibly when its custom made. by the way that looks it has parts custom fabricated for that purpose.
  8. i accepted the mistake and payd the fine and took the demerit points even tho i think its unfair i have accepted my mistake and the repercussions im only asking for leniency on the suspension as i need the license for work and considering i wassant doing 100 on a 60km residential road but rather coming off the motorway where the speed is 100 im hoping the judge will understand i wassant honing or acting like a retard but just made the mistake of not slowing down prior to the speed change
  9. you put 3 of the 4 options the gtr option bumper so you clearly like the look and nothing wrong with it, i myself like the look so i say go for the 3rd one. have the bonet match paint no carbon otherwise it will look to much Rice and have the paint shop if they can blend in the edges of the lights on the bumper with the bumper so it removes those dreadful lines. check the difference in the pictures on the red one (no lines coming down from the lights). they may have to putty them out
  10. Greenslip = 3rd party compulsory insurance ( this is minimum insurance that is required every time you renew the registration ) if yearly every year Pink slip ( is a safety check done by a qualified mechanic every time the registration is renewed) Blue slip ( is a safety check that is more detailed than the pink slip as it is done when the car has not been registered in the last 3 months , if the car is an import or transfer from another state, Basicaly its a pink slip that is more full on as the car would be unregistered and it needs to be deemed safe for roads registration depends on the model, type , weight of the car so the NSW RTA (roads and trafic authority ) or as they are now known the RMS (Roads and Maritime Services) will have a record of all those details and together with the blue slip or pink will calculate a registration fee to transfer registration you will need to pay a fee at the RTA (RMS) all these details should be on the RTA website http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/registration/index.html PS once the registration expired you will need to pay for Green slip again and then get a pink slip form a Mechanic registered on the NSW system and finaly re register it at the RTA (you may need an address here stating that you live in NSW)
  11. there are 2 things that can be appealed / contested 1 the infringement itself and 2 the license suspension i accepted the infringement as at fault but plan to appeal the suspension. You can appeal to the Local Court against a suspension if you are suspended in one of these ways: you are a learner or provisional license holder and you get too many demerit points. for speeding in excess of 30 km/hr over the speed limit for speeding in excess of 45 km/hr over the speed limit on the spot by a police officer. so fingers crossed the judge will see that the punishment does not fit the crime as i was not just speeding in a residential road at high range speeds but rather didn't slow down fast enough coming of from the freeway where that speed is normal . more so when the off ramp is long, has no residential or pedestrian access and i need the license for work Lucky day is the 13th in a week from now so i guess il see what happens il have character references as well as a letter from employer stating the need for my license for work
  12. a harsh reminder for all of us to be extra careful out there. RIP
  13. Planing to appeal the suspension for those that are in similar position or want to know about what to do just got the sake of knowing here is the link for the process: http://www.lawassist.lawaccess.nsw.gov.au/lawassist/lawassist_fines/lawassist_licence_fine/lawassist_appealingsuspension_fine.html#2
  14. That is correct i know that by Law the Speed devices have a 3Km error range so the speed 107 recorded would be marked as 104 in a 60km road that is 44Km so it falls in the 30km and over but under 45km like i said im not disputing that i was speeding and i made a mistake i own up to that. the part that bothers me is im going to be without a license for 3 months and this affects my business and main income. if i would have acted recklessness and stupid and sped or hooned on a normal residential Rd that was 60 with that speed then i can understand the 3 month punishment but considering the circumstances i think that 3 months suspension is a bit harsh
  15. my biggest concern is if i challenge it or more like plead guilty but request to still have my license im afraid the judge may say well u were over 45KM and push it to 6 months
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