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  1. Anyone can inform me of the best value for money RB20DET tuners in melb or surrounding areas - I've just rebuilt my motor & just want someone to go over it for me. The reason I just rebuilt my motor was that a so called expert tuned it for me {$1000} had it for 2 days & 2 weeks later I burnt the pistons - to lean apparently - so I'm after a reliable tuner that does'nt charge the earth - any suggestions would be appreciated cheers - Dave.
  2. Stick with it - it took me 2 yrs to get my R32 to where I want it & its worth every minute & dollar - there are plenty of parts on ebay or online - & the forums are a definite help with any problems that come your way - google /ebay & me built a skyline
  3. G'day just picked up my 93 r32 GTR-T & plan on working on it over the next few months, so will be looking for info & parts. Hope to pick your brains & do some business, will put up a photo & some info in the next couple of days, look forward to it (& finding my way around the site, hope im in the right section)cheers - Lot55a
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