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  1. Thanks for the update guys, we'll wait till then and see what happens!
  2. Hello territorians, I'm trying to contact OKBANANA (Dallas S), as I purchased a R34 Alternator My link from him over a month ago and after confirming that he had sent it, then said it was returned to his house, now he won't answer his phone, emails or text. I realise he works for the government and works away on occasion so I'm trying to give this the benefit of the doubt, but dead silence is not helping. Maybe someone on the forum/ACT area knows his situation?? Thanks
  3. Anybody had any experience in fitting Bride Stradia Sport or Gias Sport seat/s into a R34 GTT (2 or 4 door) using the RO type rail, as I've been told they don't fit (for some unknown reason) ? If someone has fitted these I would also appreciate some comments on these seats and the seat position height relative to the standard seats and how much it lowered it (if at all). Thanks
  4. Not sure when we may get a answer to these rate questions, but here a link to a basic calculator which may help. http://www.proshocks.com/calcs/coilsprate.htm
  5. Gary, one for you - ID 80mm/80mm Wire OD 16mm 8.5 turns Thanks again J
  6. Does anybody work at a Nissan Dealer ? Looking for the 06 or 07 Fast version which covers the Australian delivered vehicles, particulary the D40 Navara and R51 Pathfinder ?
  7. In a word NO, done the job recently and I doubt you'd be able to get the rail off without taking the plenum off and by the time you tried to do it you'd have it all apart anyway. Hardest part is getting the 3 bottom bolts (on plenum) started when putting it back together, just need a bit of patience ! And I got away without having to replace the gasket, not recommended I know but you just need to be care when spliting it.
  8. Is this the full set (front and back) ? What brand of spring ? Where did these Bilstein's come from - "Sydney Kid" or normal suspension shop ? Also pictures please ? Thanks
  9. No worries, just about ready to take the my car to CES to do the works as you have done - seems to be the best/sensible option going around our area.
  10. Item: 3" RS*R Brand "Exmag GT II" Catback exhaust for R34 GTT sedan including stainless steel canon muffler with 4" Tip and removeable centre tip for extra flow and noise. Age:Came with car from Japan before compliance 3 years ago Condition:Excellent Price: $200 or resonable offers To Fit:R34 GTT seadn Location:Yamba North Coast NSW Contact:Jeremy 0409605419 Comments:For pickup only, can delivery to Gold Coast/Brisbane area on my next trip. See the RS*R US website RS*R US website
  11. Biggest problem with the standard steup if finding larger capacity batteries with the small type terminals but they are available - I found a 450CCA "Supercharge Gold EXG" brand, model MF55B24R from a specialist battery shop, which you won't find at you Repco or Supercheap which only sell around a 300CCA with the small terminals (to suit Nissan Micra's and the like). Whilst the 450CCA battery is wider between the terminals it was no longer and about the same height so the original clamp still fits. Had this battery for over a year now without any problems and I think it comes with 3 year warranty. Hope this helps
  12. Part number for R34 GTT 82degree thermostat should be 21200-V7205.
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