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  1. Im selling mine for $300 just gotta get it to the sunshine coast worth the gamble for that price ? also have a spare valve body here that never gave me trouble ( changed it out for a shift kitted one )
  2. I've got a whoile tiptronic here if you ever wanted to just replace the lot send me a PM if interested Pedro
  3. Got a Tiptronic box here I'll be selling soon Keep me in mind if you go down that route Pedro
  4. 1 x tiptronic auto ( from r34 ) - $500.00 ONO 1 x r34 valve body - $100.00 ono 1 x GTR fuel pump - $80.00 ono 1 x .73 AVO internal gate exhaust Housing suit gt30 (came off 3076r) - $150.00 1 x silicon intake pipe suit r34 GTT factory turbo - $20.00 6 x r34 GTT ignition modules ( one may be faulty) - $50.00 1 x GTT factory plumb back BOV - $20.00 1 x personalised plates (NME34) QLD Rego - $500.00 1 x 1bar tial external gate spring - $20.00 1 x factory AFM Suit Neo r34 - $20.00 plus more stuff as i find it all buyers to pay for freight Items are located in Townsville North QLD contact via PM please
  5. Selling my Personalised Plates NME34 (Emeny 34) not sure what they are worth but Ill start off at $500.00
  6. I've got a AVO .73 AR for sale suit GT30 (3076)
  7. I have a avo .74 internal sitting in the garage
  8. Selling my plates as I no longer have an r34 they are NME34 = Enemy 34 Make me an offer
  9. Phil, I think he would smoke your car so he told me have you raced yet ?
  10. nup gave it to the guy along with the bottom half of the airbox I still got the top half for some reason anyway good luck with your search
  11. got a Catco 3 " here for sale mate Put it on the car for roady then took it off $100 bucks + freight
  12. ill check tonight when i get home I'm slowly getting rid of all the r34 parts I have when i sold my car I gave the guy only half of the airbox set up I do not know which half till i dig it all out If I do have it how much are you offering
  13. Got an r33 one here I bought it for my r34 but ended up changing battery to fix starting problems you will have to find out if they fit I bought it thinking they do but dont know 100% it will
  14. Maybe me whats the snorkel the top half of the Airbox ?
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