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  1. Hey fellas im currently interested in any junk turbos people have laying around and don't want any moreThe turbos can be completely boned doesn't matter Pm me with what u got In SA preferable
  2. Cheers guys was fun pulling it apart and thought I'd post it all up cause there really isnt much information on these turbos and alot of carp about them floating around. It's a shame that u can't get standard size steel turbine wheels and rebuild kits I think there a good turbo considering there age now, Also i believe they rebuild these in Japan has my mate got a rebuilt turbo from Japan which I think was off a VQ30 and he put R33 front housing and OP6 turbine housing straight on cause the compressor housing was weird (like a garret style one with bolt on intake and outlet from the compressor housing) and the rear housing had slight crack and unknown casting number. The turbine wheel was ceramic
  3. Hey guys a mate of mine gave me a blown VG30 turbo so i decided to strip it, So i thought i would post up the pictures for everyone to have a look at will help clear up some questions and settle some rumours Blown Shaft & Compressor Wheel Core with wheel & shaft removed inside complete Core Removed Cir-Clip Fully Disassembled Core Cir-Clip and sealing plate Thrust plate? not really sure lol Compressor side ball bearing looks like has experienced compressor surge or from when the turbine wheel departed from major imbalance and the bearing cage has shattered 2x bearing housings, center spring housing and locking bolt Turbine Side Bearing still fine has couple tiny cracks Empty Core So as u can see these turbos are dual ball bearing I believe they are hitachi turbos designed for nissan i also know that all these turbos run the same size turbine wheel so all turbine housings are interchangeable also the casing number (eg.45v1-45v4) on the RB25,RB25 NEO & VG30 Compressor housings mean nothing as i have seen VG30, R33 S1&2 and R34 turbos with the same number. hope u all enjoy these pictures thanks for looking
  4. Hey Mate is the fuel pump and o-ring still avalible for $30 is that with post???
  5. Hey mate can u post up a pic of the GTR front brakes and will unpost to Adelaide ?
  6. Hey mate does the front mount kit come with the actual cooler and can u post up some pic or message them to 0406702207
  7. Hey mate how damaged is the fiberglass GTR front bar??
  8. Hey guys im looking to buy a scrap r32 shell cheap as possible I only need couple of chassis sections and sill panels to clear my defect so the cheaper the better so let me know what you got even if u already cut one up Cheers Suspect
  9. I believe the factory turbos on the rb20 rb25 & vg30 are actually hitachi turbochargers http://www.billetturbochargers.com/Turbo_rebuilds_and_hiflows.ews
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