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  1. Chasing a good condition KR4 silver boot lid, needs to have wing or the holes for a factory GTT wing. Willing to travel or pay for freight. Located Newcastle, NSW
  2. Awesome. The answer I was hoping to get. Thank you man! Legend.
  3. Appreciate the recommendations and the links brother! Your setup looks sweet. I've got a big ol empty space under the driver side headlight, definitely keen to mount it there! Just gotta work out if the plumbing in the diagram will be okay and I'll be purchasing and installing as a complete kit.
  4. Hey gents, Wanting to install an oil cooler with a thermostat onto my ol girl (rb25det neo er34), I haven't decided which kit yet out of all the big brands (probably greddy) but I'm currently running a greddy oil filter relocation kit. The set up on the engine side will look like the first pic below, which answered my first question about whether it'll work/ stack up, My second question is: will I need to change the plumbing of the setup to get the oil filtered in the correct sequence? If the oil runs up to the filter and back as it currently does, and i add the sandwich plate, will it allow unfiltered oil into the cooler once the thermostat opens? Or will it work the same as having the oil filter screwed directly onto the sandwich plate? Artistic diagram attached for your viewing pleasure also. Any input or experience would be awesome. Cheers legends.
  5. Maybe try cleaning the f%$& outta that with sensitive electronics cleaner or airflow cleaner? If you haven't already.. They like to play up when they get dirty it seems... https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/102374-symptoms-of-faulty-afm-and-injectors/
  6. All good brother. Yea it does sound like ignition system, maybe make your way around the engine bay while you got the coils out and double check all your plugs and lines etc? Cheap stuff first haha. Neo cas's are like 600 bucks new so it'd be worth looking for a functioning second hand one somewhere perhaps or borrowing one. If all else fails your tuner will probably be able to help you out with diagnostics. Let us know how you go mate!
  7. Yea just re-gap those bad boys. Maybe just give them a hit with carby cleaner if they're fouled up. Hmm those coils do seem new with that mileage... Well if you have no luck with this cheap fix, then you can start suspecting and ruling out other stuff: Coilpack/s completely busted, Possibly CAS, Boost leaks Etc... Ignition is the usual suspect with misfires on rbs it seems but it could be heaps of stuff. Have you changed anything since it was tuned last? Or did this issue occur outta nowhere ? OR did it occur after you changed the plugs recently ?
  8. Hey bro. Got a neo aswell and it sounds very similar to the issue I just fixed with mine. Only difference was mine didn't play up in neutral... try cleaning up your coilpacks and gapping a set of BKR7E's to 0.7mm. Ignition seems to be the first place to start with RBs as the coilpacks start clapping out under load. Have a gander at this video and follow what he says to do with the coilpacks (Not necessarily the testing etc) Its certainly the cheapest place to start. Good luck man!
  9. RB25DET NEO leftover parts after engine rebuild. - Flywheel - $60 - Crankshaft sprocket - $40 - Exhaust cam sprocket - $40 - Exedy thrust bearing (brand new) - $40 - Crankshaft pulley (harmonic balancer) - $60 All items except the thrust bearing are in USED condition and were only changed out because I wanted fresh parts for the rebuild. My new clutch kit came with a flywheel and thrust bearing hence why these were left over. May fit other engines. Located Newcastle Can post. Msg me or txt 0431869453
  10. WTB RB25DET NEO Intake VCT cam gear and end plug, I think I'm having issues with mine and want to fault-find. Willing to pay for postage to Newcastle etc etc
  11. Currently set up to recirculate but also comes with the trumpet for VTA applications. Worked fine before removal, only changed it because I went with a HKS bov. Current mounting flange is for a rb25det neo, can be changed. $100 Located Newcastle, NSW Happy to post.
  12. Cluster, steering wheel, hks turbocharger and shifter SOLD
  13. Hey mate, it's 75mm (3inch) both sides but has a silicone step-down to a 2.5 inch. And unfortunately it doesn't have any other inputs or connectors. She solid
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