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  1. Garage clean up time: All items came from an R34 GTT Skyline 5sp manual with Hicas and may fit other models, I'm happy to post some of this stuff but would prefer local pick-up, Located Newcastle, NSW. - OEM front lower control arms - OEM front upper control arms - OEM Castor arms - OEM rear lower control arms - OEM rear - front upper camber arms - OEM rear - rear upper camber arms - $250 for the lot or I can separate. All arms would suit new bushes and ball joints, no visible signs of damage to the actual arms, only the ball joints (pictured), - OEM steering wheel w/ airbag - worn - $50 - OEM Dash cluster w/ 230251kms - missing a globe or 2 - $100 - OEM triple cluster - $75 - OEM 5sp manual shifter - $30 - OEM diff centre with 5 bolt flanges - suits rebuild - $100 - OEM rb25det neo oil filler cap - $15 - Turbosmart dual port BOV w/ rb25det neo flange - worked fine before removal - $100 - OEM Airbox - no filter - $40 - Solid metal turbo intake w/ silicone joiner - $30 - OEM radiator hoses - worked before removal many moons ago - $15 - OEM rb25det neo throttle body w/ tps and tcs- tcs does not work and throws a code on a factory ecu - $40 - Oil catch can of unknown brand or origin - removed many moons ago - $20 - 6 x OEM rb25det neo injectors w/ spare o-rings - purchased in working order for fault finding but never used - $75 - HKS GTRS turbo charger - wasn't holding much boost, crack on the rear housing and has some shaft play -- suits rebuild -- $200 All prices negotiable and I'm happy to help the right buyers out. Happy to answer any questions or take more pics.
  2. D0gg94

    Hey thanks man! I managed to get my hands on a set from a bloke in Townsville!
  3. Hey guys, still trying to track one down. Just missed out on the last one at Yahoo auctions Very serious buyer here! Will pay good coin! Cheers blokes.
  4. D0gg94

    My mate @dankphotography snatched a pretty sweet pic of me giving it a boot full at Wakefield park recently. Thought it may be enjoyed here !
  5. Would leave in a vacuum sealed chamber under multiple bubble wrap covers and never drive it ever / 10
  6. D0gg94

    Welcome mate. Good to see other Newcastle-ians kicking around 🤙
  7. D0gg94

    Screen was from my local jaycar, it was $160 https://www.jaycar.com.au/1024x600-hdmi-7-screen-with-usb-capacitive-touch/p/XC9026 Very cool to see that this stuff was still do-able 10 years ago ! Although I suppose that was only 2008 now.
  8. D0gg94

    Yea I think that's my next move with it, I didn't wanna do anything too hacky-slashy before I reliability tested it as is. Deff wanna get it out of sight!
  9. Recently finished my little summer project. Interested to see if there are others who have gotten sick of standard head units and hooked up a tablet or pc in their vehicle. THE SCREEN: This is a 7" touchscreen w/case for a raspberry pi (bought from jaycar) running off my Microsoft surface 3 that sits pretty in my glovebox. Above the surface, I attached a powered usb hub (purchased from officeworks) that is powered by an inverter (jaycar). This is because the surface only has one usb port and that wasn't enough for my application. The inverter is powered by the cigarette lighter socket. It also charges the surface tablet when the car is on IGN. It is mounted in the passenger footwell (hopefully far away from getting kicked, so far so good) The screen requires a hdmi signal and a usb signal for touchscreen. I purchased an adapter (jbhifi) that converts the mini display port in the tablet to a female hdmi port. The micro usb output on the screen goes straight to the usb hub. The tablet plugs into the hub via it's single usb port. I have a VI-PEC ecu that plugs into the hub via the LINK tuning cable and the tuning software installed on the surface to get a live feed from the ECU. The screen is mounted to a second head unit surround I purchased incase i wrecked it or it didn't fit. Minimal mods were required to get it sitting nice. The other usb cable goes into the sound system. THE SOUND SYSTEM: My car already has an aftermarket sound system (amps and sub). My amps power the speakers so all i needed was something that was capable of accepting multiple RCA leads, and was usb powered/ usb audio. The ASUS XONAR U7 MKii external sound card fits these criteria. It's capable of 7.1 surround and is usb audio and powered. A couple of adapters were required for some of the plugs as they are 3.5mm jacks, not RCA. No biggie, jaycar has the goods. The card is mounted behind the screen and plugs into the usb hub in the glovebox. Utilising the ASUS software, the sound system could be tuned to a degree. I've found I'm now at the mercy of the quality of sound files I use for music on the tablet (mp3 etc etc) so the quality differs. The main effort was the screen setup, music was just a bonus for me anyway. CONCLUSION: The setup as a whole is way better the my old single DIN headunit. I no longer have radio (what a shame) and have to make sure I turn the tablet on after starting the car and turn it off before switching the car off (just like you would a pc I guess) otherwise it has a s#$% fit). My ability to view and even modify ECU settings is very useful when the car gets tracked. Live temps and values etc. (I'm far from a tuner so I just peek) I have all normal windows pc functions like Wi-Fi and internet browsing, bluetooth etc (obviously not while driving........) I'm pretty sure you could even get Google maps to work as a navigator if you have the surface 3 with gps. Mine does not. No r34 interiors were drilled into or hacked up in the making of this project. It's all removable and reversible incase it all goes to s%$^ lol. The whole project cost me a few hundred bucks because I already owned the surface 3... I'm pretty sure all the newer surfaces are too big to fit in an r34 glovebox anyway. Smaller laptops may work. Thanks for reading if you got this far!
  10. D0gg94

    Keeen where do i sign
  11. 570cc injectors and orings SOLD
  12. Should've put it all on one post. My bad - R34 Gtt front and rear shocks AND pedders lowered springs. Front shocks are Koni adjustables and probably didn't even go 5000km before I decided to go with coilovers, Rear shocks are Bilsteins and have no leaks. FORK TYPE!! If you have hicas these will fit. Dust boots on all shocks are shot and need replacing. $200 neg - R34 GTT rb25det NEO factory fuel injectors. Purchased in working condition from shamrock spares but were never installed. Missing the upper o-rings, but could probably use a service before use anyway. $60 Located Newcastle NSW Can post the smaller stuff.
  13. WTS: R34 GTT factory Diff Centre series 1 Was working before removal, could use a re-shim/ service etc etc. Removed because I upgraded to a Nismo 1.5 way. Pickup preferred as it is heavy Located Newcastle, NSW $100 neg