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What Clutch(200rwkw And Where In Wa Do I Get It?


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Hey guys,

Just blew my clutch :blink: so now me needs a new one!

Its an R32 GTS-T

I plan on getting around 200-230 rwkw into the beast so I'm looking for something to handle that for a while.

Appaently a button is the go. What are your thoughts? And will this mean I'll have to hit the gym for some leg exercises?

And finally where do I get a suitable clutch from in Perth?

I'm looking to install it this weekend.

Oh I may as well ask if there is a thread around about installing the new clutch

Thanks for all your input guys!!


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hmm brand wise, i would go an exedy clutch, they make all kinds and top market stuff. Also the member Dangerous Davo has a good clutch speak to him on the specs, but it is a good one ask him about it.

But exedy make button clutches with no play and high handling and also they just released on the still has the play but handles high power rates...it is a heavy duty ceramic, but i dont believe it is a button. I will look tomorrow when i am at work. Can get a look at others if i member as well.

Also are you still running the stock flywheel and pressure plate? if you are you should be looking to change them as well.

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Try Ross @ Autoclutch in Osborne Park. He does a ceramic single plate and lightened flywheel combo that should suit your needs and his prices aren't too bad.

I haven't been able to make mine slip yet and I've had it for over 2 years with 2 different motors..

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