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Vrs Gasket Set To Suit Rb25det R33 Skyline

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Item:VRS set RB25DET.. permaseal in brand brand new unopened

Location: melbourne

Item Condition: brand new

Reason for Selling: dont have a skyline. sell for a mate

Price and Payment Conditions:$320 ono

Extra Info:

Contact Details: PM me for more details

Have a brand new VRS permaseal set for an r33 RB25det skyline 1993 -1998.

can COD anywhere..


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Thread might get closed as you are selling for a friend though. =-]

He doesnt have net access.... its a good buy.. just trying to help any one out who mite need a set... other wise u wil be payed close to double that if u go bursons or some where...

The sets with me anyways so technically im selling it.. :)

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