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Hicas Problem On A R34


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Hi all,

I've got a R34 GTR had recently has this hicas warning light lights up after some alarm installation.

It's sort of intermediate, sometimes it comes on, sometimes it doesnt. but once it's on it stays on.

I've search the forum and found you can reset it by resetting the ECU ( -ve off the battery). It hasn't worked. Also I cannot run the Hicas diagnostic mode. can anyone tell me the process again?

Anyway, with this Hicas warning light on, is it effecting the handling of the car in any way? the reason I'm asking is I have a track day this Saturday. is it safe to go out on the track with the warning light on?

thank you

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Alot of people dont like the HICAS system trying to "help" with the steering of the rear wheels, it makes the rear end feel unstable... so one option is to disable to HICAS system by installing a locking bar which prevents the rear steering.

If the HICAS warning light bothers you take it to a nissan dealer to run a diagnostic on it.

Alot of people who disable the HICAS system also pull the globe for the HICAS warning light from the dash cluster since it serves no purpose after disabling the system.

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