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Anyone Bought 2din 7inch Car Dvd Screen From Ebay?


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hi im going to buy 2DIN size 7inch screen dvd player from ebay

they are so~ cheap... 320 plus postage from hong kong...

anyone bought this sort of item from ebay? my seller is Eonon...

the best worry for me is my system is front and 2 subs are connected to 4ch amp

rear and tweeters are connected to my current head unit.. so rear and tweeters are not really main...

my current head unit has 4x50watt and not sure about the dvd player.... its got amplifier control wire and front and rear speaker wire.. so it must have some wattage...isnt it?

anyway... the point of my question is.... anyone bought this sorts of things from ebay? and satisfy? i dont mind how good the resolutions are going to be... its only car screen.. not a movie theatre... just i dont want my quality of sounds reduced... and long lasting...

cheers guys


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