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**pics** R32 Gts4 Drivers Side Front Propella Shaft

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Hey guys,

Having a bit of trouble and i would appreciate some help if i could?

Need to get my RB20 out and this shaft has to come out first... got the passenger side shaft out and it was a breeze. What am i missing here?



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from what I remeber..

Remove hub lock nut

separate tie-rod and suspention lower ball joint

separate lower ball joint and lower link

*or something of the sort.. but await another one to confirm*

You have to play with opposite locks and almost push the spindle out of the hub..

Same thing as you did on the opposite side..

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**UPDATE** got it out pretty much... the splein is still in the diff by a couple of mm. But has enough play to come out completely when i left the engine up a bit i think...

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haha good work :) you even left the gearbox in the car, i'm too lazy for that, i just rip everything out

or if i have access to a hoist, drop it all out the bottom

Yea leaving the gear box in made life very difficult... but its a GTR gear box (VERY HEAVY) and i have no access to a hoist so im worried that if i drop it down i may never get it back up again :laughing-smiley-014:

in the process of removing that propella shaft i damaged the rubber ring seal in the front diff where the shaft enters..... now how in the hell am i supposed to find a replacement seal for this!!!! :P

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