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Mostly R31 Stuff (inc Rb20 Turbo And Smic)

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Hey all...

Following spare parts for sale which I got with the wagon I picked up, plus some others I have accumulated

Located in Kallangur, Northside Brisbane, and best bet to see them is on weekends.

Preferred contact during Business hours is email timross__AT__serviceessentials.com.au or after hours on mobile 0401606223

Feel free to raise questions in this thread, HOWEVER be aware that it may take a day or two for me to reply, and if anyone gets in before you on the preferred contact methods above, stiff shit thats life

Anyways, most of these are ballpark figures but feel free to make a reasonable offer if my pricing seems unreasonable:

Turbo off RB20 red top, very little side to side shaft play, no front to rear shaft play (inc actuator): $200 (might also have a spare stock dump pipe maybe)

Stock RB20 sidemount intercooler: $50

PRICE DROP - Turbo $170, or $200 with SMIC

Pair stock front Springs: FREE

Charcoal Cannister: FREE

Various Door Glass and wagon rear side glass: $20ea

Window Winder rails: FREE

Pair front struts w/ stock springs and lower control arms: $40

Pair S3 headlights: $150

Pair Electric Mirrors: $60

Pair Manual Mirrors: $30

S3 Front Bumper: $100

Steering Rack: $60

Stock intank Fuel Pump: $30

Washer Bottle: $20

Auto Tailshaft (have 2x): $40ea

Power Steering Pump: $30

Master Cylinder: $20

A/C Compressor: $50

4 Guage Dash Cluster: $30

Windscreen Wiper Motor: $20

A/C Condensor Fan: $30

RB30 AFM (x2): $20 each

RB30 ECU (Manual): $40

Have 2 other RB30 ECU's here, not sure what they are, still have part numbers on them: $30each

Wiper Switch (which includes adjustable intermittent speed): $20

Simota Pod Filter in VGC: $20

Front and rear seats (blue) in VGC (no stains/burns/tears/cuts): $40 the lot

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