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Wtb R32 4 Door M Spec Side Skirts


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    • Interesting, i thought inconel had superior strength properties when subjected to extreme heat. My mates newphew says Monash got a million dollar EOS printer thats printing in Ti and Inconel and SS etc Apparently the kids are trying to figure out how to steal and or buy powder to make their own things after hours.  Apparently one of the cooler things theyve done this side of the world is making some really efficient w2A heat exchangers in 3d, apparently these things are almost twice as efficient as conventional ones. Cant remember the price per kilo for the metals but it aint cheap and its rather slow to make stuff but i thought cool nonetheless. The future of ICE? I think that will depend heavily on bio-fuels and or how EVs are going. California wont allow Chinese or Korean EVs one of the two cant remember - are not allowed to be parked in underground carparks -what a PITA
    • Sorry this happened @Zabuza. Not much we can do unfortunately, looks like the IP's used were in the states. The account has been banned but not deleted so we still have access to the PM's if we need them. We will be putting a PM restriction on all accounts until they've posted 15 times. Hopefully will help us weed out any more scammers as the SAU'ers will be prompt to report any dodgy posts. 
    • If you are buying new, just get a spool kit, but better yet ask your engine builder what they like to use. I go with CP because my engine builder told me to. I also went Nitto I beams and CA625 rod bolts because my engine builder told me to. Research shows that's a strong rod/piston combo, but that's a 4 cyl trying to make more power than you air aiming for so the HP/L equation is worse. Have a quick look on marketplace at least, you would be surprised what stuff comes up for dirt cheap.   
    • True. Whats some good pistons to go with? Was looking at Spool Imports
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