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wreckers in victoria


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try on ebay. there are R32 headlights on there for 110 each if thats what you're after. There's heaps of good stuff for skylines on there now. I've picked up a few bargins, even though my car isnt even here yet..........

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Guest decksla

erm try nissall, i get all my stuff from there

speak to glen. tell him Dexter sent ya!

9739 5015

Factory 1, 122 Beresford Road

Lilydale VICTORIA 3140


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all of these places can help you out:


44-80 hampstead road, Maidstone

9274 4411 (nissan section)

ask for tony

Japanese Special Vehicles:

353 settlement road, thomastown

9466 4499

ask for julian (0419 512 093)

Performance Jap Specialist

4B merri court, campbellfield

9357 0658

ask for Prasanna

i have had direct dealings with all 3 of these businesses and can confirm that each of them stock a variety of Jap parts.

let me know if these help you out at all...



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should see if mods can make this a sticky...  

useful info that is always helpful to all forum members

I've added the details into the weblinks/ performance shops/ importers exporters thread


I'll keep adding them as they pop up.

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hi all,

aside from suggestions on the forum, i found this link:


i think it is geared towards earlier cars, but some of the places sound modern enough.

again, didnt have much luck with Series 2 parts, a few places ive called seem to have series 1, so the rest of you guys should be in luck.


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