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Importing Faq

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The Regulations
There are three basic methods you can import cars in Australia - race/rally import, SEVS, and the 15 year rule.

1. Race/ Rally. If you have a particular level of CAMS licence you can apply to bring in any car. Vehicles can never be road registered.

2. SEVS. Strict regulations on condition and modifications. For cars <15 years old. Only cars eligible on the SEVS Register can be brought in, and if there is a RAWS who can comply the car. Check the SEVS Register first to see if your car is available, and then here for a list of RAWS workshops to see if they can comply your vehicle.

Use the RAWS Search to look for a compliance workshop

3. 15 year rule. Now modified so only cars made before 1 January 1989 (ie 1988 or earlier).
Any modifications permitted so long as you can pass STATE registration requirements. Contact your local authority for the exact requirements.

VSB 10 - Importing vehicles - describes the three methods of importing a vehicle and what sort of documentation you need to apply to do so.

Importing without a broker

DIY Compliance - if you wish to save some money. Probably more relevant for 15yo imports.

More to come..

Posted 08 December 2005 - 08:36 PM

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