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  1. labour will copy costello's economic success althoguh IR revisions will attempt to reflect increases in supply side efficiency rather than demand (labour's touch on things). I know not nearly enough of Rudd, but I know Howard is full of Sh*t Howard kisses too much american arse This may not directly apply, and it may not necessarily happen, but a change may get the cops off our back with regards to traffic law. Finally, if labour is elected, there will be much uncertainty. This is rarely good for an economy. For me personally, i'm studying to be a lawyer. if the country has problems, they will proably be evident in the legal system in a few years time, just about when I'm able to practise... more business for me. if things run smoothly and labour does a good job, good for all of us. I think its a matter of the lesser of two evils.
  2. oh yeah, whoops... thanks inark. I'll supply a roady if someone is going to buy it. Reg ends in september i think. Plates will not be included with the car. Lior EDIT: Steering wheel is a replica MOMO Millenium EVO with a Nissan badge on it. It works well in terms of looks.
  3. Hey all I'm gathering expressions of interest on my car. As said above, its a manual HCR32 type m with sunroof and 128k's on the clock. The car has been to N.S.W and back without a hitch, will get 350-450k's per 50l tank depending on how its driver and has been very well looked after. Serviced every 5-7000k with some sort of fully synth oil. I imported the car about two years ago and have not had any major problems since. Problems I had with the car have been the clutch master cylinder (see my write up in the tech section), the speedo cable (replaced) and 1 leaky water pipe. Interior is mint with full vinyl interior, gauges in the air vents, instrument cluster white with blue display and chrome silver bezel. Exterior sports type M full body kit (stock), Tein NA steet coil overs on VAV 18"x9 (8.5 on front) shadow chrome alloys with new Kumho SPT rubbers. No spoiler. clear(ish) front indicators. Paint condition is average in some places and could use a good cut and polish. Car is complemented on a frequent basis for its simple (less is more) look in and out. Car is also very quiet (for a skyline) due to its good exhaust system. Excellent Mech condition with 139-142PSI compression between all cylinders. No leaks, smoke, rust, beeps, creaks, etc... This car has served me well. Performace modifications include a full 3" exhaust system, performacne air panel filter, intercooler, fuel pressure regulator, plumb back BOV, exceedy sports organic clutch and a hi-flowed R33 turbo. Car runs very well and has never been (able to be) defected or been in a major accident. If someone wants a clean, mint R32 that will last them a long time, let me know. I may swap for a prestige car of some sort. I'm looking for the $14k mark otherwise. email me at lior.maisner@students.vu.edu.au or suave_style@hotmail.com. Don't PM or reply to this topic as it may been some time before I look at it again.
  4. awesome edits ppl! This as is the funniest thing ive seen all week! Aside from being totally sexist and demeaning males in general (like, if it was something aimed at women, some one would be getting sued by now...) the ad has got us all talking about speeding and our excuses for doing so. When I first read what the RTA of NSW did, I was shocked, but after watching the clip, I reckon its tasteful and effective. Plus we get to see some burnouts n stuff... Seriously though, rather than just slap on more fines and penalties, they are at least making an attempt to look at at least some of the reasons for why some people speed. This is probably the first time i've actually seen something that the government has done in relation to speeding laws which they have actually thought out and put effort in. Its similar to the drunk driving ads in vic, they're not too bad. Rather than being one of the many 'band-aids' to correct behaviour such as fines and confiscating cars, this ad actually looks and attempts to modify the REASONS for why some of us speed. I wouldn't be suprised if the next one they make relates to women and their behaviour and reasons for speeding.
  5. well, rather than accepting the problem... our cars at some stage did not have this problem. I have similar mods to you and have only recently copped this problem. It was mainly noticeable with the change of the turbo. I did/do have problems with my coolant and water temp sensors and adjustable FPR. 50-60 PSI is fine at 6000rpm's plus. It is designed to handle the 16PSI boost you're running. We have standard computers. That fuel pressure means we totally richen out our lower rpms (anything less than 5k). We get surges cutting in and out because we are seriously running wayy too rich. I plan on cutting back my boost until I can afford to get some sort of fuel computer. This way I can run lower fuel pressure and make the car more daily driveable. I get this problem all the time, especially cruising around 3100rpm on the freeway, warm or cold. I think that might have something to do with my coolant sensors. aside/ I would have thought the ecu would just open the injectors for less time given the increased fuel pressure however this doesn't seem to be the case. the ECU generally runs the same regardless of how much fuel pressure is in and can't seem to recognise an over rich condition. Hope this helps you. try cutting back boost and running a lower fuel pressure.
  6. theres a fibreglass product out there which retails for about $40. I had a similar problem on a near-by metallic pipe and this has done the trick. Previously I used some metal-putty type thing but while that did seal, it came off after two months. Silastic did not work for me, no matter how much I slapped on. The fibreglass product (can't remeber what it was called) was made in south america from what I can remember, comes in a kit. Check out your local auto parts store. I got mine from Autopro.
  7. change/check your fuel pressure regulators. I have the same problem. It only comes when I fit my aftermarket FPR. When I use my stocker, it starts up so quickly, without any throttle blipping. Without, yeh, the car wants to die without a blip. If you don't have an aftermarket FPR fitted, try finding someone else's. Keep a small o-ring handy and make sure your in a place where you can drop a bit of fuel. This may not be your answer, but it certainly is mine.
  8. i had the same AF ratio - air leak in the system. Turned out to be cooler piping not attached properly.
  9. LOL - wasn't Me. BTW - anyone from narre who knows my car: Some idiot is "hooning" (lol) around in a black r32 like mine, same type M combo with the same rims. Ripping burnouts and the rest of it... What a prick eh? making me look bad. Apparently does a bad job of it too. If it doesn't have BSUAVE for a no. plate, it aint me.
  10. yeah man, carbon bonnets on black cars look good i reckon. you don't see them very often, they blend in nicely and don't look too overboard.
  11. coppers complain about being 'understaffed'. LOL! if they weren't so f**king concerned with traffic laws they wouldn't be so far 'under-manned'. They might actually be able to deal with the few actual criminals around melbourne rather than f!ck everyone up for bullsh!t offences which shouldn't be illegal in the first place.
  12. shattered... i haven't seen borat yet, but i don't intend to start it at 10:30pm! while the drive in idea was certainly a good idea, it just doesn't look like its going to happen, unless, and this has just come to my head now... someone finds out whats happening at the dromana drive-ins and the cruise can be to head down there!
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