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  1. Looks like a great DECA! Any news on if another is planned? Might finally be able to come to the next!
  2. Or you could pm femno (clayton), he might be interested?
  3. Car is being difficult with cold start so still at chequered tuning.
  4. Going for tune today. Obviously I missed a few updates .
  5. No one cares what you use to tow, they're only interested in what's on the trailer. That said I have a forester XT which does a pretty decent job all things considered.
  6. I daily a forester XT. It's great for getting things done and not fussing around, but daym, it sucks whenever the skylines aren't running .
  7. The value goes up and down. I believe they will appreciate from here if looked after. At least in vic you can now move them to club plates and save some money on rego, it's a great time to hang on IMO.
  8. I had this problem and it was a bastard to track down in the end for me it was the AFM pins getting a dry solder joint. There is a guide on re-soldering in the DIY section. To diagnose I used CONSULT connected to a laptop datalogging all values. As soon as it happened I pulled over and spotted which value started it, AFM voltage dropping to 0. Hope this helps
  9. Nice one, watched just to get an idea what you were making but ended up watching it through. Good work.
  10. Interested in the: Stock Seats Clear indicator Glove box (I hope this is the same as 4-doors) Stereo surround AC/Climate control DIN brackets if you happen to have them pick up SE burbs.
  11. Kudos are advertising genuines for 99 each: http://www.kudosmotorsports.com/catalog/nissan-coil-pack-individual-genuine-nissan-skyline-r34-25gt-25gt4-25gtt-rb25de-rb25det-neo-p-1164.html But I guess.. how do we know these are genuine either?
  12. I have done this as I had a bit of a oopsy with the old head. I have to say, it is not 'cheap' but it does work. I'll post up after first start and let you know how it goes. It does retain high compression, which is great for e85 applications, not so good for unleaded.
  13. Hmm 41 days since purchase, should I dispute it? and what evidence do I have that they aren't genuine . Sent query to the supplier and awaiting feedback.
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