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Found 76 results

  1. 1.) Genuine Impul 33R Front and rear seats, ashtray with plaque, Gearknob. $1600 All in immaculate condition, Need a bit of a clean but no wear what so ever 2.) Genuine FULL 13 piece impul body kit. Front bar with inserts, Side skirts, Rear bumper, Rear bumper pod extensions, Rear overfenders, Tail light covers, rear spoiler. Front bumper had a crack which has been professionally repaired. Everything is in good condition ready for paint. $1400 3.) Impul 701 3 piece wheels 17x9+25 include all centre caps. Fronts are face 1 for big brake clearance and rears are face 2 for dish. $1400 Have better pictures and more information on each item. Please message if interested.
  2. Pair of Bride Brix II seats in leather/gradient trim. One was originally a cloth seat that was retrimmed (can tell by the product code E14AGS and hence the difference in stitching at the headrest) and was purchased from Import Monky. The other was a leather seat from factory (E14AGR) purchased second hand. Both in good condition with a little bolster wear on the retrimmed seat as pictured. Rails are also genuine Bride rails to suit an R34 GTT. Rails were purchases from Jap Import Spares in SA. Have certificates for the rails. We’re only in my car for 6 month but removed because I sold the car in October. Have been sitting in my room since. Pickup from Penrith area. $1800 for the pair with rails.
  3. I have a few bits that came of a 1995 S14 SR20DET. Seats - $200 for fronts and rear (driver side has small hole in one of the side bolsters) Turbo-back exhaust - $350 (has a Catco cat and Genie muffler. Comes with O2 sensor) ABS unit - $80 Front brakes - $140/pair (my suit r33 also) Rear brakes - $100/pair Intercooler and custom piping - $340 Coolant bottle - $60 Radiator - $60 All prices are negotiable and I'm happy to ship anywhere in Australia at the buyer's expense
  4. So as an old R32 GTR my drivers seat had seen better days. Was going to get some knock of brides but in better judgment I got mine repaired. Here are the results.
  5. Pair of Racetech competition seats, one of the best, in excellent condition. Not used in anger save for a few track days. Wide fitting, RT4009WTHR will look at offers as surplus to requirements. New price around $3700 selling for $2500. Melbourne eastern suburbs pick up only
  6. Hey guys, After a set of aftermarket seats and rails to replace the tired old stockies in my 33. Dont have to be in immaculate condition, as long as they are decent. Have cash ready to go as id like to get them in the car asap. Best to contact me on 0457725577 Michael
  7. Hi everybody, can maybe anybody tell me the dimensions of the Nismo logo on the R32 Gtr seats and maybe also the location (the distance to the opening on the headrest). Any help would be really appreciated. Thx in advance Makis
  8. Hey! I'm searching for comfy reclinable seats to my R33 GT-R, I love R34 GTR seats but they are 3x more expensive like brand new aftermarket I find some Buddy's Club Racing Seat but maybe u know more?
  9. Hi all as it says only an EOI and will sell for right price as i want R34gtr front seats black if possible, my EOI is for my pair of front nismo seat in perfect condition and on rails to fit a R34gtt... also can ANYONE point me towards a pair of R34gtr seats.. thank you in advance.
  10. Installing New Seats DIY on installing replica SRIII Recaro Seats on Skyline 350GT Coupe (CPV35) Tools Needed: 14mm socket wrench Flat heat screw driver Plier (Needle nose) Set of Allen Key (Optional) 0.5W or 1W 2R2 2.2 Ohm (NOT 2.2 k Ohm) Resistor (RED RED GOLD GOLD) to cancel the airbag light on dash (A pair can be bought from Jaycar for 45 cents) Wiring tape (Nitto tape) Scissors Cable ties (Optional) Hacksaw or metal cutting circular saw (Very very very optional) A few M10 x 1.25 (length depends on your seat rails) bolts and washers (Optional) A friend (Optional) Google (Optional) Stock Seats Weight (Including Rails etc.): Drivers Side 26.75Kg Passenger Side 23.45Kg Recaro Replica Seats Weight (Including Rails etc.): Drivers Side 18.30Kg Passenger Side 17.90Kg 1. Removing the stock seats (If you know what you are doing, it takes no more than 10 minutes): Remove the rail/screw covers by pulling them up. The rail cover for the rear bolts needs to be pressed in the centre and then slide it out. Shaking it a bit might help remove them. 2. Use a 14mm socket and remove all 4 bolts. 3. Tilt the seat back to remove the harness under it. 4. Carefully remove the seat. For the driver side, moving up the steering wheel will give you more room to remove the seat. This can be done by yourself but having a friend will help. Folding the seat will also help removing it but luckily the coupe’s door is large so there will be no problem. The passenger seat is much easier to remove. 5. Remove the seat belt socket. Good vacuum clean inside as you can reach places where you cannot when the seat is there. You may also find some money! I found around $3 in coins lol 2. Making SRS airbag canceller (do this before installing the new seats!) When you unplug all the wiring harness for the stock seats, you will have the SRS airbag error light flashing on your dash board. This is because you unplugged the airbag sensor. You may need to do step no. 4 even if your new seats have airbags. If they don’t then follow the following instructions: Resistor Package Using a plier, bend both ends of the resistor so it becomes thicker Insert (the side does not matter) it into the airbag wiring Make sure it is firmly in place and touching the terminals inside of it 4. Run the airbag diagnostics/resetting. To reset the light simply turn the ignition to the on position, (you don’t need to start it). All the lights should stay on for their diagnostic check. As soon as the airbag light goes off, before it starts flashing, immediately turn the car off. Repeat this 3 or 4 times (turning to on then off) and the light should go away. 5. Wrap the resistor with wiring tape 6. You may want to organise the wires under the seats with some cable ties 3. Installing New Seats: This will vary depending on what kind of seat and rails you get, but most of the part should be fairly similar. I got my seats from China (brought them with me as check-in luggage on the airplane lol). I had to dissemble the back part and seat part so I could pack it within accepted luggage size. The main problem that you may have is with the seat rails… The seller in China did not have the rails for the CPV35, so I got for the 350Z as the measurements are the same. However, I needed to do some modifications to use these rails. I had to cut the rails “cross bars” as there are a small “bump” on the floor on both sides. Took 4 hours to cut them using a hacksaw (wish I had a circular saw lol). Flip the seats and install the seat brackets that move back and forth. You will need to press the place I circulated and move it back and forth to put the screws. For mine I used a 6mm Allen Key. 2. Install the seat rails (if you purchased one specifically for the CPV35, then you may not need modification). 3. Install the seat belt socket on the side of the seat rail. You may need a new bolt and washer to secure it in place. 4. Put the seat into position and tighten the bolts (stock bolts). PS.: You will note that the driver side floor for the rails is not even. The left side is higher than the right. What I did was to buy a longer bolt and a few washers/bolt spacers to fill the gap on the right side as my rails were for the 350Z. The seat position ended up being a bit higher than stock ;( I bought a second hand seat rail for the CPV35 from Japan so hopefully it will be on a similar height as the stock. I am waiting my aunt to send it to me so this solution is temporary. It took me quite me around 12-15 hours across 3 days to finish this project. If I do it now, with the correct direct bolt on parts, I think I can finish it in less than 3 hours. I noticed that the quality of the seat is not as good as the stock, in terms of back strength. When I accelerate, I can feel my back tilting back a bit (like you can do in an office chair for eg) but lateral hold is quite good. The seating position is a bit too high too. But considering the price of them, I cannot complain at all! It was $100 per seat and $50 each rail. I had to buy another rail for the driver’s side from Japan but it was still around $85. I got 4 point racing seat belts too but could not install it (didn't bother trying too hard). I consider this mod purely for looks rather than performance because the stock seats were not as heavy as I expected and the back support is only fair. I hope this helps you if you would like to install new seats!
  11. Hey guys I have these stains on my seats that I can't get out on my R34. what do you guys use for cleaning on seats? And also, how can I get these scratches off the radio surround plastic panels? I looks kinda deep like it was scratched with a screw driver from previous owners.
  12. Really cheap 5 Stud complete front Hub assembly incl bearings (off R33 GTST). ($15) + some other bits. $15 each for the front hub assembly Bearings were good when they came of car 1 year ago. Pickup Campeltown NSW. Pm with your number for pickup info Also have for sale hicas 4ws rack $30 Rear seat $10 Ac condenser $20 Headrest $10
  13. Bride Seat for R32 GT-R with Matching Rails Hi Guys, I'm listing this for a mate: Bride Seat with correct matching rails for an R32 GT-R - $695.00. Contact Michael in CAMDEN NSW on (0459) 225 017. Do not reply here as he will not see it, contact him direct. Cheers, Bob.
  14. Hi guys, Figured I'd post here as there's more of you in the know than anywhere else on here - I'm after a set of M35 front seats in cloth, and it's killing me that they're nigh-on-impossible to find. Looking for ones like this: If anyone knows of anywhere that has some, can they give me a yell? Thanks!!!
  15. [SYD] Garage cleanout (seats, wheels, radiator, braided brake lines, turbo, ecu) Hi All Sold my R33 GTS-t now time to get rid of all the parts I still have. Prices are firm but will discount if you buy multiple items. Location is Gregory Hills (Oran Park / Narellan area). email; jim_8825@hotmail.com PWR Radiator 55m R33 GTST/GTR - never installed, still in box. Will include brand new radiator hoses too. - $300 Autotechnica seats on autotechnica rails. rails are vehicle specific rials for R33 GTST - also fits some other cars R32, some s-chassis, etc. seats are in decent condition but could use a clean as have been sitting in storage for a number of years. price based off the value of the seat rails alone. - $150 - Sold pending payment. Lenso staggered 17 inch wheels. fronts 17x8 rear 17x9. Clears the r33 brembo style brakes. Good condition, no gutter rash at all. $300
  16. R34 GTR Front Seats Hey Guys - anyone know of R34 GTR seats for sale? Thanks.
  17. R32 GTR Front Seats For Sale Hi I have a pair of R32 GTR front seats for sale, good condition I brought them last month for $1100 and then had them professionally steam cleaned which was $75 a seat. Drivers seat has tiny cig burn from previous owner see pic, since being cleaned they haven't been used. 0*4*8*7*7*6*1*6*6*2 txt for questions located Melbourne ✳️$900✳️
  18. New seats, Recaro, Bride? My stock r32 seats are all torn up and horrible looking. Looking to order some Recaro or Bride reclinable seats. In Red! Which would everyone recommend? Also, most importantly. Which rails I would need to get to fit the seats. Preferably a part number to exactly what rail I need or where to order it. Thanks.
  19. G'day folks, I'll have to get some pictures together but i'm going to list all the bits i have stored in my garage. I'm not 100% sure what all this stuff is worth so feel free to make offers. I'm sure a few could help me with fair prices (hopefully no bastards try and take advantage of my kind nature) So all parts are working fine upon removal from my 2003 M35 Stagea RS. Auto Transmission with Transgo Shift kit and transfer case - $700 Centre console (from auto shifter back) - $100 Black leather Seats with all electrical parts left over from my swap with R35 GTR seats. - $400 (seats look a bit dirty but that pic is terrible.. they are in good nik) Stock intercooler + piping - $100 Stock suspension - $150 Standard front bar + reo in factory blue - $200 Standard grill - $100 Some parts i've not been able to price but i will ring around some wreckers and do decent google searches to price the following. Front Diff, Sump, stock auto shifter, foot brake and i'm sure there are other bits... Attesa Pump on hold at the moment but it may be up for sale if the sale falls through. As i said i'll get pics and prices up asap but will accept offers for any of the above bits. I'll add more parts as i check out the garage... Cheers guys
  20. Hey there, As title says, looking for some GTR front seats. Both left and right. Located in Melbourne. Cheers! Lock
  21. R33 parts inc: Standard side mount intercooler all pipes etc $50 Front seats slight hole drivers side passenger missing plastic handle all work fine on r33 rails. $100 Greddy copy plenum with 80mm throttle body & gaskets $200 Genuine z32 afm with plug $180 Standard turbo heat shield $25 Drivers side plastic trim $20 Series 1 plastic bumper white $100 Carbon cannister $20 IAC valve $25 All parts open to offers msg me if you would like photos of anything.
  22. Hey guys I want to buy front seats from 33 gtr
  23. For sale a pair of bride fixed back replicas, excellent condition no rips or tears. Come with r32 r33 ceffy super low rails by Australian company power rails. After $750 for everything not separating unless someone wants the passenger side first. In Adelaide ring Chris zero four 01483906 thanks
  24. Hi guys, I have some assorted parts from a 2011 GTR. The car was stripped down to be used in the Australian Targa series. All items are located in Moorebank (Sydney), inspections are welcome just shoot me a PM and we can organise something. Pickup is preferred but shipping can be arranged for some items at the buyers expense. I use couriers to ensure quick and reliable delivery. Super Titan Spec 1 Titanium Exhaust, weighs 8kg $1400 Factory Bilteins $1500
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