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  1. Hi everyone wondering is there going to be a sau spot at the sns this year? If so id like to be apart of it Cheers, benny
  2. Ok thanks heaps neil have a good one
  3. Hi, last years show n shine there was a sau group. Wanting my car to be chillin with you guys. How do i join in ? Dw my car wont cramp the style Cheers. Ben
  4. Ill be spending 20k ... not for a gearbox
  5. And ppl actually buy 20k+ gearboxes for track days ...
  6. Wait....what is this which you speak of
  7. Googled their website....first pic i seen 3 r32 gtrs and 1 is a calsonic replica bhahaha got me sold!
  8. Nice, u guys are good help. ill be looking to upgrading my gearbox and clutch. Im at newcastle, sydneys my best option to find a gearbox magician. anny suggestions?
  9. I thought it was the opposite ? I will be replacing my clutch with nismo twin copper and replace annything necessary Is it possible to build a gear box that can withstand 350 awkw for max 3k?
  10. Hey theres nothing concerning with my box atm however there is a continuing howling noise coming from that area it could be the pressure plate or it could be manny things my machanic said cant put his finger on it so itll have to come out to find the problem... theres no crunching ...ive never launched it so it hasnt been abused. However ill be recoing the car looking to produce 300kw at the wheels or maybe 350kw if im lucky. Just want everything done once and done right so i can just drive my car and nothing braking . At the end of the day its a 24 year old car and things need to be re-done or replaced. Cheers, ben
  11. Looking to replace or rebuild r32 gtr gear box. First of all just jap is selling a brand new r33 gtr gearbox for 2.9k (very tempting!) Which i already know is the better beefy box Or Can i rebuild my original box the same if not better for the same price as this r33 box just asking ppls opinions on what i should do as im still new to the gtr scene. Hope to hear back from yous, cheers
  12. Upgradeing exhaust system on bnr32. Current Mods are : piggybacked ecu, factory boost limmiter taken out so pretty much its a stock car. Currently upgrading exhaust system from the turbo outlets back... (hks equal leangth front pipes , hi flow cat , hks hi power cat back exhaust) Question is on r32 gtrs when upgrading these parts do you need a tune along with it or is it a matter of bolt on and away you go.
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