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  1. To know if there is enough oil in the system, after running the a/c for a a while, you need to degas the system, remove the compressor and drain its oil, if you manage to drain about 20-50ml you know that there is an average to good amount of oil in the compressor and therefore the system has a decent amount of oil. If you only can drain a few drops from it then you know that the compressor is running low on oil and therefore the whole system is low on oil. I'm unsure what sort of guage setup you are using or if you are reading them correctly, and why you are measuring normal operating pressures in mmhg. If you are measuring 100mmhg (2 PSI) on the low side indicates there is a serious fault.
  2. Hi All. I'm after a set of bolt on power bits for a rb26dett, or if anybody is selling a good complete motor package that comes with these bits I would consider that too. I can organize pickup/courir for any parts. - Aftermarket Twins - Prefer N1, -7's, -9's, GT-SS - Power FC - Prefer L-Jet. Consider D-Jet if comes with map sensors installed on ITB setup, loom etc. - Highflow injectors - Highflow Dump Pipes - Z32 Airflow Meters - Pod Filter kit or Aftermarket Air Intake. PM Me if you have any of this gear. Cheers.
  3. Is there anybody offering Turbos with GTX Wheels that bolt onto the factory RB26dett manifolds and dumps, I take it Garrett doesn't offer anything like this? Thanks
  4. Hi, Just wondering if anybody has one of these modified pipes I'm after one, or who is the best person to goto who can modify them? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I'm after a R33 GTR in WA, in White or Silver. Thanks.
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