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  1. The issue is none of these large cruises I have been on have any organization, it's just a bunch of guys who follow each other and night is not the best setting for it. All it takes is for a few words about safety and behaviour from the organizer to everybody before heading off and this rarely happens. I saw the video and without being there cant know exactly what happened but they were on boost and all very close to eachother. On a different note, since a few Ideas for events are being put about - is anybody interested in tech day, I am thinking in the area of car detailing and car care, where we can get organize with a well respected detailing shop to give us a seminar and demonstration on tips and tricks to protect our cars paint and trim. It will involve a fee and I would also if possible like to organize pizza, drinks, catering etc if we can get some numbers.
  2. Eww Nissan CUBE, why on earth would you call a car a CUBE and it looks like a CUBE too I think you need some Rims and Stage 1 Tune for your GTR and ofcourse the hot pink calipers
  3. Nothing special about the Nismo when you can just mod a normal R35 in my opinion, I find lots of special editions now days are just "sticker specials" with a different coloured bumper strip and steering wheel and maybe 30hp more.
  4. Not enough pure Skyline representing, perhaps next time we can all rock up.
  5. Yeah driving in the rain is not worth it, really ruins the cruises. I might think of doing a morning meet and short cruise soon, I've been putting it off for a while with getting other things sorted but it seems we got quite a bit of interest and posters now so keep checking in guys, if possible we could hand out some stickers on the next one if they are ready by then.
  6. Might be worth just shooting it up on the "events" section just incase it will attract some more guys
  7. Are you sure, even if it's not there?
  8. I'm in definitely for stickers. Great way to get our forum section and group some more exposure
  9. Elle you should take your R35 down the drags you'll love it why watch come and launch that monster. So I'm thinking of chosing a cafe or some place to eat for us to have breakfast, trying to find a place that we can possibly park together and watch over our cars as we chat or some place not too crowded, any suggestions? Otherwise I'll chose some place and we can have a meet.
  10. Elle just a word of advice if it's to do a nice car like a Skyline or something worth a bit of money don't go cheap there is heaps of mobile retailers out there but results vary and you don't want to end up with a bad job or even damage?. Try Platinum Polishing if you prefer mobile he has got a good rep. My take is you'll always get a better result taking it into a detailing place. Otherwise if you don't mind bringing your car in, Mann Automotive Detailing is one of the best detailers.
  11. We could do a Sunday morning breakfast, probably somewhere central but not in a too built up area near the city so we can park our cars and look after them while we eat preferably which is not always possible with food places, but would anybody be up for something like that? I'm open to any other suggestions such as activities, car related things, be it show and shines or other things. I might also add this thread could be a good place to introduce yourself and post a picture of your car, so please show us what you got whether it's a GTS a T or GTR we want to see them all.
  12. Hi Everyone. Welcome to the WA Group of Skylines Australia. Feel free to introduce yourself and post a picture of your car. I'm looking at getting some meets or events happening, so if anybody is keen please post up here and keep an eye on the "Events" section on the WA forum. What do you guys want to do, a breakfast meet, or a cruise or a bit of both? We may look into attending show and shine events too if you guys are keen. If you are interested please post up.
  13. Hi Guys. So I'm wondering who would be up for some sort of meet, whether it be a meet and breakfast somewhere or a cruise, or both. No matter whatever car you own it would be good to come down to see some other cool Skylines and meet some skyline owners. I'm open to suggestions on what you guys would like to do and if you are keen please post up.
  14. Yes things have died down in the import scene, also being Perth and also generally with the economy changing up. So I'm open to any suggestions. We organized a cruise with 1 day notice a few months back and had 4 cars turn up, 3 of them being GTR's and all forum based, so the potential is there If you are on here and interested to come see some nice cars no matter what you drive new or old stock or modified, put your hand up and I'm open to any suggestions, perhaps a meet up for some breakfast or a drive.
  15. We could organize something, let's share some suggestions. What sort of things would you guys like to see or take part in? Any input or ideas are welcome. In order to get things happening, we need participation. Any ideas welcome and for anybody reading please let us know if your keen for a meet and share any suggestions you might have.
  16. Bit short notice but yes I would have been up for it, we could do something similar in the future but great suggestion, maybe some sort of morning breakfast catch up.
  17. Hi guys. I'm after the "GTR" logo that clips into the centre console and also a Steering column top surround in good condition from any R33 I think will fit. Thanks
  18. Hi Guys. I have a switch on my centre console which I can only imagine is for the rear foglight, but there is no plug to be seen, what is going on? My car is a R33 GTR Series 3. Here are a few pictures of the switch, and the area under it There appears to be some sticky tape with 4 or 5 wires under it but it may have been for something aftermarket, but I cannot find any plug or any harness leading to it. What could have happened and where should this harness lead from? Thanks.
  19. I could not find the issue. I notice that also when the car is fully warm on a midly hot day, it can be slug when you put your foot down in 1st gear, but if you let the revs sort of build then punch it, it goes better. I have no idea if knock sensors are detecting pinging or going off randomly and pulling the timing or not.
  20. It happens 80% of the time when cold. I have not had any work done on the car recently. It definitely doesn't feel right. On rare occasion when cold the revs would play up a little bit, slight misfire, but most of the time it's unusual jerky power delivery.
  21. I'm in Perth but can arrange for freight. Open to anything rather than having to buy all the items separately. Cheers.
  22. Hi Guys. I'm looking for a power pack for my GTR, so looking for somebody who has something complete off an old setup looking to buy : - Turbo or Turbos, if single with manifold and dump if possible - ECU, Such as Power-FC or other - Injectors if needed - AFM's or MAP Sensor setup if needed. Something like a set of -7 -9's or GT-SS and Power-FC would suit me, but open to anything Give me offers and how much you are after. Cheers
  23. Hi Guys. Just posting up here for the WA people, I'm planning on getting a drag night happening. Check out my post in the Events section. Looking at the possibility of getting about 15 cars to come out one night to the drags so we can reserve a staging lane so we can all race each other. If interested please post in the thread.
  24. Just seeing if there is a possibility to get some decent numbers down for one night, doesn't have to be next week. If we can get 15 people up for one night then we can reserve a whole staging lane.
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